Talk:Silk Caterpillar


  • Soloed by 31BLU/15WHM.
  • Soloed by 27BST with ease using Berry Grubs and Poison Leeches.
  • Soloed by 28BLM/14RDM, Sleepnuking. Wore Evasion gear.
  • Soloed by 30RDM/THF with all the appropriate buffs & debuffs, 1 Cure III, didn't need 2hr.
  • Soloed by 42BLM/21WHM. Take care of surrounding mobs, notably the Weapons, as they will aggro you. However, the Caterpillar itself was very easy using Bind and Nuke tactics.
  • Soloed by 32WAR/16WHM. As the note above, watch out for Evil Weapons. A warrior's axe, and a Great Bow with stone arrows, were my weapons. I only casted Dia, CureII and poisona. It wasn't an easy fight, but I got the silk egg with 300hp and 9mp.
  • Soloed by 35WAR/17MNK
  • Soloed by 90RNG/45NIN ... for the lulz
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