Talk:Purgatory Collar

I did some quick testing today, didn't get a whole lot done. Enchantment lasts ~30-45 seconds, so I only got 6 spells through.

Tested as 75SCH/RDM, light arts used, no form of refresh active. Spell used: Shell IV due to it's highish MP cost and low recast time. Started with 633 MP, managed to get 6 Shell IVs through. It should have cost 408 MP in total (each cast costs 68 MP while under light arts), but I ended with 243 MP, meaning I spent 390 MP and saved 18 MP in total. I didn't manage to get the amount of MP used per cast so I can't say whether this enchantment increases the frequency of Conserve MP processing or just the amount of MP that is conserved per proc. I'd imagine the former to be true. Since SCH has Conserve MP natively, I can't say how much of my conserved MP is due to the natural job trait. This hardly seems worth it, but it is very minimal testing. I'll try to get a few more tests through in the coming days. Oobdinglada 03:58, September 13, 2009 (UTC)

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