Level 99 Solos[edit]

  • Fairly easy solo as a well geared 99THF/DNC. Using Stutter Step, Violent Flourish was able to reliably stun nukes. TP mostly used for WSing. If you have Aura Steal merited you can easily steal Protect V or Shell V. Atmas used were RR, GH and MC. No temps used. --Madranta (talk) 09:51, January 20, 2013 (UTC)
  • Soloed as MNK99/DNC49. Using Apoc, Mounted Champion and Sanguine Scythe atmas. Saved TP for waltzes. Moderate damage from melee hits, was taking ~250ish with Counterstance active, Hexidiscs was doing 600-1000. It appeared to be immune to the stun from Violent Flourish, wasn't able to stun any of the spells when I tried but melee attacks seemed to interrupt it fairly consistenty, its T4 -ga spells were doing ~1400 damage. Had to use a Lucid Potion III, finished the fight with about 50% hp. Eleyna of Leviathan

Outdated Testimonials[edit]

  • Killed solo on DNC/NIN, had atma of the apocalypse, RR, and VV. Kept lvl 5 stutter step on it and stunned ga spells with violent flourish. Sometimes he would use actinic burst and then a ga spell and violent flourish would hit a shadow, but I could normally survive one nuke. --Minimax 00:27, February 15, 2011 (UTC)
  • Solod by MNK/WHM using the brute force method. Haste yourself and interrupt its GA4 with melee hits. Fanatics Drink, Fools Drink and Dusty wings from Bastion Prefect help. --Lyramion 12:16, April 2, 2011 (UTC)
  • Solo'd twice as THF90/NIN. Used Apocalypse, Razed Ruins and Mounted Champion for the 20hp Regen. I saved TP as much as possible to interrupt his -ga IV spells with Evisceration, whenever possible. He's easy to interrupt if you have TP (I never failed to interrupt him once with Evisceration), unless of course he used the annoying Actinic Burst TP move right before casting a spell. You may want to have a potion or two in your temp items just in case your HP get too low from that and/or from the occasional melee hits (which do hurt). 1/2 on Sapphire Demilune Abyssite. --Soily 20:20, April 13, 2011 (UTC)
  • spawned near bombs with powder boots- ran to colibri area. No enfeebling magic would land. Tried casting thunder3 when it was doing aeroga, etc, and no nukes did more than ~60 damage. Hexidisk went through 3 shadows, stoneskin, and phalanx for 1k+. One of the hardest abyssea NM solo's I have attempted, which makes me believe it was possibly spawned raged? Let it kill me at 75% at 30 minutes into solo because it wasn't worth 120 minutes worth of abyssea time. Grav/bind/slow/para would not land. Can be kited fairly easily with ASA Atma/legs. 85rdm/nin Echojin
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