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Got an HQ animation on this today. Received a single Ojo Rice Ball. I was 102, +7 in gear (stall, cap, body).

Editing to list as HQ 1 result. Will need verification at some point --Buffylvr (talk) 23:49, September 16, 2012 (UTC)

I have gotten an HQ animation with a single Oso Rice ball twice while skilling up on these. I didn't think to pay attention to the level but I'm at 105.1 now, so it was below that. During my first skillup session I had the stall, during the second i removed the stall from my mog but had eaten a Kitron Macaron.

I'm skilling up on these right now and wanted to find out what the stats are since I use Tonosama Rice Balls on SAM and have all 3 pieces that enhance rice balls effect (Roshi Jinpachi, Myochin Kote+1, Nobushi Kyahan) so I ate one. Gives +25 HP, DEX+4, VIT+4, CHR+4, Attack+60 (per armor piece), Defense+40 (per armor piece). Stacked with Atma of the Winged Enigma that's a x4 on effect totaling Attack+240 & Defense+160. Only thing I'm unsure about is the Double Attack effect on this particular rice ball. --Cronosythe (talk) 08:34, September 28, 2012 (UTC)

Removed Verification tag from hq: Ojo Rice Ball Zero-Hour (talk) 20:36, May 20, 2013 (UTC)

Updated Crafting Level[edit]

Updated level of craft to 108. Verification attached. Loreander (talk)Loreander

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