Talk:Falsespinner Bhudbrodd


  • Soloable by 75BST/WHM, very long fight, aprox. 2hours. Lots of pet swapping.
  • Duoable by 2 BST's, by dragging falsespinner to the river or the zone.
  • Duoable by a RDM/NIN and a SCH/NIN using Movement Speed +12%, strategy was a Death pull (agro the whole area to clear the way) by the SCH from E-8 to the safe area F-8 / F-9 (BC entrance way) while the RDM coming with the NM. Once pulled, use the DoTs that you have and run side to side to kite. This will also prevent every "Fanatic Dance" due to the range between you and the NM.
  • Duoable by RDM/NIN and PLD/NIN. Pld uses Crimson Cuisses. Pld pulls the nm from spawn point and drags to river. Once in river uses powder boots if any aggro is still after him. RDM gets magic claim on the nm. After aggro is lost pld comes back and kites the nm back and forth on the river. Counterstance and dances give a good 3-4 second reprieve from running every 45 seconds or so. Use this time to recast shadows, cure yourself, cast flash, etc. Rinse and repeat until he's dead. Fanatic dance wasn't a big threat due to kiting, just stay far away. He rarely used it and when he did it seemed that he would only use after a few melee hits, as if he needed TP for it.
  • Trio with 3 BST, Easy fight, but the AoE Dances are Annoying. only Hundred fist once (lucky maybe) Kite on the river no problem -Juiliet
  • Soloable by 75BST/WHM
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