Blue Magic Buffs such as "Animating Wail" do not seem to stack with Embrava as standard White Magic versions (Haste) do. Did not do much testing as I did not have Regeneration or Refueling set at the time. Currently up on SE forum to see if it's a mistake or a "working as intended." Storme (talk) 12:06, August 7, 2012 (UTC)

Notes About the Haste Effect on Embrava

Just want to point out, that as far as haste goes, there's no need to have a 500 Enhancing Magic Skill build to reach the magical haste cap of 43.75%. All you really need is minimum of 419 Eanhancing + haste(spell) and you got your cap as far as the magical side of Haste (Status Effect) goes.

(500 Enhancing ÷ 15) + 1% = 34.33%

Add to that the 15% from the haste spell and you got 49.33% magical haste.
Overkill, considering the cap is only 43.75%

(419 Enhancing ÷ 15) + 1% = 28.93% + 15%(from the spell) = 43.93%

Since on both occasions you need to use haste to reach the magical cap of the status, why do you bother to reach the 500 enhancing build? Personally, I don't find the extra +1 TP/tick on the regain effect is going to make it worth it, nor does the extra +12 HP/tick you get, considering SCH has the highest from of Regen there is in game so far.

As you can see on the maths above, the haste effect from embrave does not capped out magical haste even with a 500 Enhancing Magic build; you would need at least 642 enhancing skill to do this with embrava alone, but that would be too hard to reach, if not, impossible.

This is all based on the information found on the Embrava page of this site and the vary nature of the status effect.
If you find what I said here is wrong, please let me know and by all means, correct me.

--Wolffeberhard (talk) 11:36, February 27, 2013 (UTC)

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