The three mushroom theory is based off the 3 little mushrooms on the mobs head. If you steal with x3 mushrooms on its head you get Woozyshroom, x2 Danceshroom and with just x1 Agaricus.

Steal clarification, please.[edit]

If possible could we get some sort of clarification on the Steal theories? For instance, barring aura steal, once you've stolen an item from a mob, steal will no longer work on that mob and it has to be killed or despawned. On the multiple steal theory, do the first 2 steals have to fail? Or does steal work somehow differently on these funguars? And about the 3 different shroom TP moves, do we have to wait for the third shroom TP move to fire, no matter what it is? Or do we have to wait until the funguar use Shakeshroom? Or is it tied into the multiple steal theory and we can only use steal after each shroom TP move? I'm sorry, so many questions, but that's why I say a little clarification would be nice. I just spent several hours trying everything I could think of to get Agaricus either by drop or steal, and no luck whatsoever. --Jakk Frost 18:22, February 11, 2010 (UTC)

These are found in Crawler's Nest (S) in the small round room at G-9/10 on the second or third map.--Evilpaul 17:23, August 5, 2010 (UTC)

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