Talk:Delta Strike II (Bastok)


Can be soloed by a 75DRG/WHM with Ethereal Earring and Wyrm Armet or with great Soloable gear as well, or 75PLD/WHM also with Ethereal Earring and Joyeuse. Most jobs should seriously consider bringing a friend or two though. Duoed 75MNK/DNC and 72PLD/RDM with some difficulty. Silence would have helped greatly, if it sticks on these. Duoed with PLD70/WAR35 and RDM75/NIN37 - Slept BLM mob and killed WHM mob first, battle went a lot easier.

Soloed by 77 BST/NIN with NurseryNazuna (sheep) pet. Store 300% tp before fight. Start with "Sheep song" (sleep). Use pet food zeta few times. No big problems, only 1 pet used.

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