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Killed the War and Rng with no problems. however doing so seemed to make the Rdm much much stronger. He began hitting my cocooned Drg for 150+ a hit and 300+ when it wore.

I dont have any more tags to test this with.. anyone else try? (--Rebme 10:46, 15 January 2008 (UTC))

I just tried this with PLD (me), WHM, and RDM. Like you experienced, on the last goblin (RNG in my case) it started hitting me harder and harder, reaching 300+ damage on regular hits. Also, it got more and more evasive and resistant to damage until I was hitting 5% of the time, and for zero damage when my attacks did land.

It didn't happen until the mob went under 50%, but here's what I think: the fight is TIMED. After a certain amount of time from when you spawn the three goblins (10-15 minutes?) they go into a rage mode that makes them impossible to defeat. My party didn't have a whole lot of damage, so we took too long to kill them. We should get people to time their fights and see if this huge increase in mob strength happens after a certain timepoint.

Addition: We added a BLM to our party, thus greatly adding to our damage. We killed all three goblins much faster this time, and there was no rage. So I think it is indeed timed. (--Yoten 06:23, 9 February 2008 (UTC))

Failed twice as Drg/Blu and Blm/Rdm duo.

  • Failed (due to Rage) with a PLD, WHM, RDM trio. Succeeded on the second try after adding a BLM to the party.
  • Took a trio of NIN/WAR, WAR/DNC, WHM/BLM about 10 min. to kill with 2 links, little trouble, just repose the 3rd goblin and adds.
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