Halvung Invasion

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Type: BCNM
Zone: Halvung
Title Granted: Subduer of the Trolls
          Level: None
          Members: 6
          Time: 30 minutes
Key Items: Musical Score - 1st Page, Musical Score - 2nd Page







Chiliarch Gordarvor x 1 (Boss)




Hetairoi Vuryargur x 1




Hetairoi Zarwarkur x 1


Red Mage



  • This BCNM is required to be completed to recover the Astral Candescence.
  • On entering the BCNM you will lose both key items and will need to farm them again to reenter.
  • Dying in the BCNM will not lose you exp anymore, and the NMs will not recover HP if everyone falls in battle and is ejected from the BCNM.
  • If one or two of the NMs were taken down but the party fails to finish the BCNM, upon reentering the NM(s) will repop at 33% health. The value in the region info will be decreased by 1 or 2 points instead of remaining at the max.
  • The monsters share hate, so if 1 member attacks 1 troll, all 3 monsters will attack the entire party.
  • Tractor is disabled inside the battlefield.
  • Once the Astral Candescence has been recovered you will not be able to reenter this BCNM until the next time Besieged is lost to the Troll Mercenaries.
  • It is recommended to go in the order of Vuryargur (MNK) > Zarwarkur (RDM) > Gordarvor (PLD, Boss).
  • For information on how to get to the battlefield area, see the Halvung section of the Astral Candescence page.
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