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Scout's Attire Set

An Elvaan in full Ranger Relic Armor.

An armor set from the Dynamis zones, which the player may be rewarded with for defeating the enemies within. The set sheds the yellow and green of the Hunter's set, replacing it with a blueish-green color which dominates the body and head, right down to the blue tinged decoration on the beret.

Befitting the Ranger's nature, Ranged Attack and Ranged Accuracy both receive a significant boost, as does AGI (a significant contributer to a character's accuracy with ranged weapons). Should the Ranger draw hate through the -12 Enmity given to them, a bonus to Parrying, Evasion and Vitality may mean the difference between life and death. A Rapid Shot enhancement and the addition of a Recycle trait to cut down ammo expenditure rounds out the set.

Number of Pieces: 6

Cost to store: 500g

Level Armor Piece
73 Scout's Beret RareExclusive

[Head] All Races
DEF: 24 HP +15 MND +4 Enmity -3
Lv. 73 RNG

75 Scout's Jerkin RareExclusive

[Body] All Races
DEF: 45 HP +23 DEX +4
"Rapid Shot" +5
Enmity -3
Lv. 75 RNG

71 Scout's Bracers RareExclusive

[Hands] All Races
DEF: 14 HP +13 AGI +5
Evasion +7 Enmity -2
Lv. 71 RNG

72 Scout's Braccae RareExclusive

[Legs] All Races
DEF: 32 HP +18 Ranged Accuracy +7
Parrying skill +10 Enmity -2
Lv. 72 RNG

74 Scout's Socks RareExclusive

[Feet] All Races
DEF: 16 HP +12 VIT +5
Ranged Attack +10 Enmity -3
Lv. 74 RNG

  • The release of the Chains of Promathia dynamis areas saw the intoduction of additional relic items available in those areas. Note that these Back and Waist items cannot be stored on the armor storage NPCs and cannot be upgraded.
Level Armor Piece
70 Scout's Belt RareExclusive

[Waist] All Races
DEF: 4 AGI +5 Ranged Accuracy +7
Ranged Attack +7
Lv. 70 RNG


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