Remember Me in Your Dreams/Plot Details


Game Script[edit]

Remember Me in Your Dreams - The Hall of the Gods
Aldo: Emeline! Can you hear me!?

Mathilde: What--? Where... Where am I...?

Mathilde: Aldo...? Is that you...?

Aldo: Emeline...could it truly be? After all these years...

Mathilde: Aldo...

Aldo: No! Emeline!!!

Mathilde: No...! Where are they taking me!? Aldo, help me!

Aldo: (Curses! No...I won't let them take you from me again!)

???: It's no use, Uncle...where she is now, no words can reach her. Mother's dreaming, you see.

Young Aldo: Lost in a waking dream...just like me.

Young Aldo: Deep in slumber, freed from the restraints of my physical body... It is here that the voice of the Seed Crystal speaks to me.

Young Aldo: I awaken, only to remember nothing.

Young Aldo: It's the same for mother, you see. Only in her dreams does she remember a past too frightening, too painful to face with waking eyes.

Young Aldo: Only in her dreams does she remember you, Uncle Aldo.

Young Aldo: Knowing this, would you open her eyes to the light of the world once more?

Young Aldo: The choice belongs to you alone, Uncle.

Young Aldo: And the power to save this world from destruction is yours, Player Name.

Young Aldo: You, and all living beings on Vana'diel. It is your will to live--your deep love for the world you call home--that is the key. Only you can instill the antiphon with the strength to counteract the echo...

Young Aldo: So what will your choice be, Uncle Aldo? Player Name?

Young Aldo: Will you silence the echo to save this world from destruction? Even knowing it would mean death for the sister you know, will you do what must be done?

Young Aldo: If you have the courage to answer, make way for the Stellar Fulcrum at the peak of Delkfutt's Tower.

Young Aldo: We'll be waiting for you there.

Young Aldo: Perhaps...we're all just living inside the crystal's dream.

Aldo: (Emeline...)

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