Purple, The New Black/Plot Details


Game Script[edit]

Lilisette : I certainly don't like the feel of this place... It's a bit creepy...
Portia : Sir Haudrale, where exactly do you intend to take these townspeople?
Lilisette : Sir Haudrale? A gentleman replies when addressed by a lady...
Haudrale : ...
Lilisette : Portia, let us return!
Lilisette : D-demons!?
Haudrale : Hehehe.
Haudrale : Was the journey to your liking? Allow me to offer my apologies. I realize it may be neither the most appropriate escort nor location for such ladies of your refinement.
Lilisette : This will not be over quickly!
Lilisette : On your mark!
Lilisette : Lilisette of the great Troupe Mayakov stands before you! Feel honor and privelege at your enemy this day!
Ragelise : Portia!
Portia : Sir Ragelise!
Ragelise : I sensed that something foul was afoot the moment I laid eyes on you. Far too well-spoken and mannered to pass for one of the rugged Madder Falcons.
Haudrale : Hmph. Most perceptive.
Lilisette : Huh!?
??? : Here I aaam!
Ragelise : Aaargh!
Haudrale : Unfortunately, I haven't the time or the patience to contend with your futile interruptions.
Portia : Sir Ragelise!
Lilisette : Are you alright!?
Haudrale : Aquila, you are late.
Aquila : Sooorry about that. Got lost along the way, I did.
Lilisette : Who are you fiends? What are you!?
Haudrale : Pardon my impudence. I have gone and totally forgotten to introduce myself. Spitewarden of Lady Lilith...
Lilisette : Wha--!?
Portia : <Gasp>!
Haudrale : And Commander of the Knights of the Rustwing Hawk, Haudrale, at your most humble service.
Aquila : Me too, me too! Leader of the Cryptscale Protectorate, Aquila! It is sooo nice to meet you. And I truly mean that.
Haudrale : By the command of Lady Lilith, we came to pay you dear ladies a small visit.
Haudrale : But it seems you have quite persistent guardians watching over you. More so than anticipated...
Haudrale : Aquila, I leave these knaves to you. Tear them limb from limb.
Aquila : Again? Why do I always get stuck with the dirty work? It really doesn't suit me, I think.
Haudrale : Silence! Or would you prefer I place my own blade once again in that slack jaw of yours?
Aquila : Fine, fine. But you really aren't good at dealing with people, you know that?
Lilisette : Huh!?
Aquila : Sorry, but I have to do this. I promise I'll try to make it as painless for you as possible.
Aquila : Galarhigg! Come!

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