Past Vana'diel

  • Past Vana'diel or Vana'diel (S) is Vana'diel set in the time of the Crystal War (20 years before present Vana'diel).
    • The (S) stands for "Shadowreign"
  • Players can access this area via Cavernous Maws which have appeared around present Vana'diel. (Players must first unlock these Maws by utilizing them in the past. The exception to this is the first Maw that you unlock, which can be used from the present)
  • Past Vana'dielian areas often share names with present areas with one exception. Past Vana'dielian names that share those with present names have an (S) proceeding them. (I.E. Castle Oztroja and Castle Oztroja (S).)
  • Past Vana'diel is only accessible to players who have the Wings of the Goddess expansion disk installed. Accordingly, the Wings of the Goddess missions take place mostly in (S) areas.
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