The Circle of Time

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This is the third Bard Artifact Armor quest - otherwise known as AF3.

Start NPC Mertaire - Port Jeuno (E-6)
Requirements Bard 50+
Items Needed Key ItemStar ring
Key ItemMoon ring
Title Granted Paragon of Bard Excellence
Repeatable Yes, by erasing AF memory
Reward Choral Justaucorps
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The Requiem None


  • Talk to Mertaire in Lower Jeuno (I-8) who tells you to take the Key ItemStar ring to an antique collector.
  • Talk to Imasuke in Port Jeuno (E-6) (near the entrance to Qufim Island).
    • You may switch to any job after this.
  • Travel to Xarcabard and check the Perennial Snow at (I-10).
  • Wait for 1 minute (earth time) then check the Perennial Snow again.
  • Return to Imasuke, who tells you the language is old San d'Orian and that you should find someone who can read it.
  • Talk to Chalvatot (F-7) in Chateau d'Oraguille.
  • Chalvatot gives you a Key ItemMoon ring and sends you to the Monastic Cavern. Head to the altar room (I-8), clear the room and examine the altar to pop the NM Bugaboo.
    • Orcish Warlord spawns in the same room and has True Sight. It is recommended to kill surrounding mobs before popping Bugaboo.
  • After you defeat Bugaboo, check the altar again.
    • NM only needs to be spawned once for all party members to get the final cutscene.
  • Go back to talk to Chalvatot in Chateau d'Oraguille to complete the quest.

Game Description[edit]

Imasuke (Qufim Tunnel, Port Jeuno)
Solve the riddle of the ring, and find the truth behind it.
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