Operation: Black Pearl/Strategy

To solo this is quite easy. You just have to follow these few steps.

Things To Do
1. Main a Level 99 Mage with Item Level Equipment that can cast ga-spells (Stonega was more than enough).

2. Stay in the main room. If you try to leave the main room with a mob hitting you it's an auto fail. Cause the Princess will cry, if a mob is between you and her.
3. As long as you are in the main room (and cast your ga-spells), the Princess shouldn't cry out.
4. You can have Orcs hitting you with Stoneskin and Phalanx (,if not Sleep) to regain MP at the end of a wave.
5. Should Jorporbor the Hellraker (DRK) pop, go on him! And you should have won.
6. After him the Rune of Release should pop.

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