Mom, the Adventurer?

Start NPC Nbu Latteh - Bastok Markets (J-9)
Requirements Bastok Reputation 1
Items Needed Copper Ring
Title Granted Ringbearer
Repeatable Yes, see below
Reward 100g / 200g
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
None The Signpost Marks the Spot



  • You will receive 100 gil if you examined the letter or 200 gil if you did not.
  • The letter reads "Dear Mom, Thank you for all the presents you bring me. I like them a lot...but I'd be more happy if you came home early sometimes, even if you don't bring me anything." -Roh

Game Description[edit]

Nbu Latteh (Gold Street, Bastok Markets)
Bring Nbu Latteh's daughter a Copper Ring as a gift from her mother.
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