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Jigs are one of the types of dances available to the Dancer job. The two different types of Jigs are both placed into a single Job Ability category, meaning that both abilities share the same recast timer (when one is used, the other cannot be used until the recast timer for the other one is ready).

Jigs require no TP to use and grant the player a beneficial effect for a limited time. Jigs may only be applied to the user and cannot be targeted on other players or party members. They are not designed to aid in combat, as their effects will immediately wear off if the player attacks an enemy or is attacked.

Jigs are learned by Dancers at the following levels:

Level Jig Effect
25 Spectral Jig Grants Sneak and Invisible.
55 Chocobo Jig 25% Quickening.
70 Chocobo Jig II 25% Quickening for player and nearby party members within area of effect.
Wearing the Dancer's Shoes and/or Etoile Tights upon activating a Jig ability will each extend Chocobo Jig by 25% and Spectral Jig by 100%.
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