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Gender: Male
Race: Elvaan
Affiliation: Outland
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[[{{SUBST:Ineuteniace}}|   ]]
Type: NPC
Location: Carpenters' Landing Barge


  • Located on the barge during the route from Central Landing to South Landing via Newtpool, and from South Landing to North Landing.
  • If Stubborn Dredvodd hops aboard the barge, he will utter a startled warning.

Game Script[edit]

When speaking to him: Cannot this vessel travel any faster? At my age, every minute counts!

From Central Landing to South Landing via Newtpool[edit]

It looks like we shall be navigating the Newtpool route today. As you may already know, I am much too old to handle any excitement, so if you spot any monsters, make sure you take care of them for me.

If you look closely, you can see where the main canal, the Emfea Waterway, and Newtpool converge. Breathtaking, is it not?

These waters are crawling with nasty lizards. They seem to be attracted to the flies that skim across the surface.

We are now passing through Newtpool. I've heard rumors that an ugly blue-and-gray beast with a triangle-shaped head and four burning red eyes lurks in this forsaken place...

We have almost arrived at the edge of the pool. They'll be less of those pesky lizards nibbling on your bait, but you will still have to be cautious.

We will be arriving at South Landing shortly. I must rest a spell before continuing on my journey, though. At my age it is difficult to make these long trips.

From South Landing to North Landing[edit]

Oh, I hope this trip doesn't take too long. My grandson in San d'Oria is waiting for me.

We will be entering the main canal shortly. The last time I took this barge with my grandson, the waves were so high he almost fell into the water!

Would you look at that waterfall? My grandson named it Ineuteniance Falls. Am I not the luckiest grandfather in all the Kingdom?

(At this point Ineuteniance does a bit of fishing. When he puts his rod away, the following message is displayed: Something has caught on Ineuteniance's line!)

Two currents meet at this spot here. The colder water from one lowers the temperature of the river, causing a change in the types of fish that can be caught.

The air around here is quite chilly, is it not? I cannot wait to sit down at my daughter's table and have a sip of her delicious whitefish soup.

Well, it looks like we have finally arrived at North Landing. I hope my grandson enjoys the trout I caught for him on the trip.

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