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Hydra Corps

The Hydra Corps appear in two Dynamis zones: Dynamis - Beaucedine and Dynamis - Tavnazia. In each zone there are two different groups, one is level 80-83, and the other is level 90-95. The high level members drop special items used to pop some Notorious Monsters in that specific Dynamis zone. All members can drop any of the single-unit Dynamis currency, and all members can drop any piece of Relic armor found in Dynamis - Beaucedine.

Stagger Type Name Job Notes
Hydra Bard BRD Recommend Elemental Seal to silence him.
Hydra Black Mage BLM
Hydra Red Mage RDM Use Silence to make Chainspell irrelevant
Hydra Summoner
*Hydra's Avatar
SMN Keep avatar asleep when Astral Flow goes off.
Hydra White Mage WHM Benediction will wake any slept mobs nearby
Job Abilities:
Hydra Beastmaster
*Hydra's Hound
BST Hounds cast Blindga
Hydra Monk MNK Hundred Fists can be very dangerous
Hydra Ninja NIN Beware Mijin Gakure
Hydra Ranger RNG Stagger ASAP to block use of Eagle Eye Shot
Hydra Thief THF
Weapon Skills:
Hydra Dark Knight DRK
Hydra Dragoon
*Hydra's Wyvern
DRG Wyvern has MP
Hydra Paladin PLD Can stagger during Invincible
Hydra Samurai SAM
Hydra Warrior WAR
This article uses material from the "Hydra_Corps" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.