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How to level and get money fast

Do pages with GoV until you can do Abyssea (at level 30). If you're pressed on gil a good lowbie farm is farming Elementals for stacks of clusters

someone should make a nice guide on this topic, as there are so many little-known gil-farming tricks, although prices vary by server. some include:

Low-level methods:

Crafting low-level recipes like brass ingots, sheep leather and fabrics can be surprisingly profitable, with very low material costs. crystals can be obtained while leveling.
Wind Cluster and Dark Cluster from Air Elementals in Tahrongi Canyon/La Theine Plateau/Buburimu Peninsula, and Dark Elementals in Beaucedine Glacier/Xarcabard (requires a lv55+ job).
Goblin thugs in the horutoto ruins , wild onions sell for 10-50k a stack.
Voiddust sells for a nice price on the AH, and can be bought with Conquest Points (farmed in traditional parties, or by soloing EM/T/VT mobs), and with a lv50+ job and caution, with AN earned in.

High-level methods

Solo money farming in the dreamworld dynamis zones, or cities, although these are usually overcamped, along with dynamis-valkurm.
Farming item and key item sets for NMs and selling them on the AH or by shout.

Rhionhi 19:59, December 26, 2012 (UTC)

This article uses material from the "How_to_level_and_get_money_fast" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.