His Box, His Beloved

Start NPC Apururu (A) - Abyssea - Tahrongi
Requirements Abyssea - Tahrongi Reputation 1
Items Needed Key ItemRipe starfruit
Repeatable No
Reward 200 cruor
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None When Good Cardians Go Bad


  • Talk to Kupipi (A) at the Central Encampment.
  • Next, talk to Apururu (A). The quest will now be flagged.
  • Talk to Kopuro-Popuro (A) at the Western Encampment (F-9) (Conflux #03) and click on the Bottomless Box. He'll tell you to be cheerful to his box (try various happy emotes like /joy, /cheer, /smile, to the Bottomless Box. /dance1 through 4 also work)
  • Kopro-Popuro gives you 2 clues, and you have to do those 3-4 emotes to the bottomless box 3 times. The emotes are working if the bottomless box gives you a different reason why it doesn't have the ripe starfruit.
  • It should give you a Key ItemRipe starfruit.
  • Take it back to Apururu to receive 200 cruor.

Game Description[edit]

Apururu (A)
Apururu lacks the starfruit needed to construct Cardians to protect her embattled countrymen. Travel to the northwestern encampment and procure one from the supply of the eccentric Kopuro-Popuro.
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