Survival of the Wisest

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Start NPC Professor Schultz - Xarcabard (G-8)
Requirements Scholar Level 66+
Finished Artifact Quests
Items Needed Scholar's Testimony
Title Granted Grimoire Bearer
Repeatable No
Reward Level Cap at 75
Scroll of Instant Warp
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Seeing Blood-red
Riding on the Clouds
New Worlds Await


  • Zone into present-day Xarcabard on Scholar level 66 or higher for a cutscene. You need to have all Scholar Artifact quests completed to receive the cutscene and begin this quest.
    • You have to until game day change after completing the previous quest in order to get this cutscene in Xarcabard.
  • Obtain a Scholar's Testimony from Orcs in East Ronfaure (S) or the The Eldieme Necropolis (S). The Orcs in East Ronfaure (S) are weaker and respawn in only 5 minutes (as opposed to 15 minutes in Eldieme), and they are easier to reach.
  • Trade the Scholar's Testimony to the Indescript Markings at (G-8)/(H-8) in present-day Xarcabard and you will be transported to the Throne Room.
  • Touch the door to the Throne Room for another cutscene.
  • Trade the Scholar's Testimony to the Throne Room to enter the battlefield. Your testimony will begin to wear and will be rendered unusable after 2 more attempts, and will remain in your inventory with no apparent changes. If you fail the battle 3 times, be sure to drop this unusable testimony before attempting to acquire another. They are Rare, so you can only have one in your inventory at a time.
  • You will enter a battle against Gunther and the Crimson Grimoire. You have 10 minutes to defeat Gunther. It is not necessary to defeat the Crimson Grimoire to win.
  • In the event that you are knocked unconscious during the fight, you will NOT lose EXP if you have not completed another level 71 limit break. However, if you have completed a level 71 limit break quest on another job, you WILL lose EXP.

Game Description[edit]

Professor Schultz (Xarcabard)
What will be the first and final assignment given to you by Gunther Schultz II, the legendary reformer of military strategy? Your rite of passage begins by obtaining a scholar's testimony...


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