Go! Go! Gobmuffin!

Start NPC Epinolle - Tavnazian Safehold (F-8)
Requirements Promathia Mission 4-2: The Savage or higher
Repeatable No
Reward Key ItemMap of Cape Riverne


  • To activate this quest, you must be on or past Promathia Mission 4-2: The Savage, and must zone into Riverne - Site #B01 for a cutscene.
  • Go to Tavnazian Safehold and speak with Epinolle on the middle floor at (F-8) by the nomad moogles, and she will give you the quest after 5 lines of text, where she implores you to go find her gobmuffin. There is no cutscene. The quest shows up in the "Other Areas: Current Quests" log. (While listed in quest log, the quest information incorrectly states the start NPC Epinolle is on third floor.)
  • After she has given you the quest, return to Riverne - Site #B01.
  • Head to the first spatial distortion at M-9 then to the second spatial distortion at K-8 and finally to the third spatial distortion at K-7. This brings you to the island at J-6.
  • Upon emerging from the third portal, the three Moblins spawn immediately:
  • The Moblins aggro the first person who goes inside, so you may have need for a Black Mage to ES and Sleepga. All 3 Moblins build resistance to sleep quickly.
  • They may take up to 5 minutes to spawn if they were recently killed by another group. Only one group of these NMs will appear at a time.
  • Once the three Moblins are dead, return to Epinolle and receive a cutscene to complete the quest. There is no acknowledgement that you defeated the Moblins until you talk to Epinolle.
  • After the June 2010 update this fight can be soloed by any job.
  • See the discussion page for testimonials.

Game Description[edit]

Epinolle (Second floor, Tavnazian Safehold)
Epinolle wants you to find and bring back a Goblin that has left for Cape Riverne to make a map of the area.
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