Gjallarhorn/Plot Details


Game Script[edit]

Gjallarhorn - Valley of Sorrows
You hear a voice from out of nowhere...

???: ...
I am saved.

???: Silenced for too long in the prison of Dynamis, I can once again let my brazen call echo through this land!

???: A few more moments, if you please...

Terounalivet: Hello there.
I am Terounalivet, a military musician of the Hydra Corps.

Terounalivet: You've never heard of me?
Before joining the army I was quite the famous bard, mobbed by fans in every town I passed through.

Terounalivet: To be completely truthful, I am heartbroken to be giving up the Gjallarhorn, the most famous of instruments, even to a fellow bard.

Terounalivet: But an instrument only shows its true worth when being played. This horn should be delighted to be passed on to such a talent as yourself.

Terounalivet: She has a capricious soul, but do treat her well. And do not forget that even without a raging battle, you can still play a tune for the simple enjoyment of those around you...

???: ...

???: He was a wonderful performer.

???: Let us be on our way.
Our tour of the world has only just begun...

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