Early Bird Catches the Wyrm

Type: BCNM
Zone: Balga's Dais
        Level: None
        Members: 18
        Time: 30 minutes
Orb: Themis Orb (99 Kindred's Seals)





Wyrm x 1



Possible Rewards[edit]

Your armoury crate loads out of the following groupings:

One of:
Honey Wine (100%)
One of:
Libation Abjuration (31.2%)
Guespiere (18.2%)
Havoc Scythe (6.5%)
Leopard Axe (4.3%)
Nokizaru Shuriken (18.1%)
Shinsoku (21.7%)
Somnus Signa (4.3%)
One of:
Oblation Abjuration (15.9%)
Bayard's Sword (15.1%)
Dreizack (16.7%)
Grim Staff (9.5%)
Grosveneur's Bow (9.5%)
Stylet (5.6%)
Unsho (34.1%)
One of:
Dragon Heart (52.2%)
Dragon Meat (34.6%)
Juggernaut (8.2%)
Speed Belt (5.9%)

One of:
Coral Fragment (3.2%)
Darksteel Ore (7.1%)
Demon Horn (7.9%)
Ebony Log (5.6%)
Gold Ore (7.1%)
Gold Thread (3.2%)
Hi-Reraiser (4.8%)
Mahogany Log (12.7%)
Mythril Ore (11.1%)
Petrified Log (18.3%)
Philosopher's Stone (4%)
Platinum Ore (5.6%)
Ram Horn (2.4%)
Raxa (11.9%)
Reraiser (5.6%)
Vile Elixir +1 (4%)
Wyvern Scales (2.4%)
One of:
Wyrm Beard (21%)
Siren's Hair (77.5%)
One of:
Mind Potion (9.4%)
Intelligence Potion (13%)
Charisma Potion (11.6%)
Icarus Wing (5.1%)
Raxa (24.6%)
Prelatic Pole (24.6%)
One of:
Hi-Ether +3 (29%)
Hi-Potion +3 (22.5%)
Hi-Reraiser (21%)
Vile Elixir +1 (21.7%)

One of:
Coral Fragment (8.7%)
Darksteel Ore (8%)
Demon Horn (5.8%)
Ebony Log (7.2%)
Gold Ore (8.7%)
Gold Thread (1.4%)
Hi-Reraiser (2.2%)
Mahogany Log (8%)
Mythril Ore (3.6%)
Petrified Log (14.5%)
Phoenix Feather (0.7%)
Platinum Ore (5.1%)
Rainbow Cloth (2.9%)
Ram Horn (3.6%)
Raxa (7.2%)
Reraiser (2.9%)
Vile Elixir (2.9%)
Vile Elixir +1 (0.7%)
Wyvern Scales (2.2%)
One of:
Beetle Blood (5.8%)
Damascene Cloth (3.6%)
Damascus Ingot (7.2%)
Malboro Fiber (2.2%)
Philosopher's Stone (27.5%)
Phoenix Feather (19.6%)
Raxa (22.5%)

One of:
Divine Log (9.4%)
Lacquer Tree Log (19.6%)
Petrified Log (57.2%)
Shining Cloth (4.3%)


  • The Wyrm has a Regain effect. Often starts the battle with the use of a TP attack.
  • The Wyrm has MP which can be Aspired.
  • On the ground, the Wyrm is very similar to Fafnir, except that its Draw In can draw in the entire alliance if someone out of range of its normal attack pulls hate. It has the same TP attacks:
  • The Wyrm will take flight when it goes below 66% HP and will stay up until it gets down below 33% HP. While in the air, it will not use Dragon Breath, Absolute Terror, Horrid Roar or Spike Flail, but it gains the use of
    • Flame Blast - 35' AoE Fire damage (~900 before reductions).
    • While in the air, its normal attacks will look like a fireball coming from its mouth, and will do Fire damage (~325 per hit before reductions) instead of physical damage.
    • ~220 total Fire resistance (from gear, Carol and Barspell) is enough to usually reduce its normal attack to ~12 damage, and also dramatically reduce Flame Blast damage.
    • 329 total Fire resistance from gear, Carol, Barfira, and Shell5 was able to reduce its normal attack in the air to 0 damage. It was also able to nearly nullify its flame blast damage
    • Magic, Ranged Attacks, Chi Blast, Jump, High Jump, and Avatars can damage it quite well while it is in the air. Melee attacks will not work.
    • Upon landing, it will use Touchdown.
  • After landing, the Wyrm's evasion, defense, and magic defense will significantly increase. Accuracy food may be needed for melee to hit reliably.
  • Soloable by BLU/RDM with 2hr, correct spells and meds.
  • Soloable by RDM/BLM with the use of no items but with Convert.


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