Dominion Ops

"Dominion" is a new battle system introduced in the Heroes of Abyssea add-on. In Dominion, players will lend their strength to the Resistance in an effort to subjugate the savage hordes and reclaim the lands of Abyssea - Altepa, Abyssea - Uleguerand, and Abyssea - Grauberg for mankind.

Success in battle will earn the player Dominion Notes, currency which can be redeemed for a plethora of rewards including Empyrean armor, augmented items, and seals for either body and hand. The seals drop only once per game day unlike in quests. Seals obtainable from Dominion ops can only be of the same type obtainable via quests of that specific zone. (e.g Mavi Seal: Hands cannot be obtained in Abyssea - Altepa Dominion ops due to fact that there is no quest to obtain the seal in this zone)

Hordes of savage fiends prowl the harsh borderlands of Abyssea, with the members of each ranging in strength from the ordinary rank and file to multiple tiers of notorious monsters above them. Eliminate the grunts and peons, and more and more formidable foes belonging to the same group will be lured out of hiding. As you prevail over the enemy, the Resistance's sphere of influence in the given area will gradually expand to a maximum value of 100%, representing complete subjugation of the hordes.

Upon signing up for a Dominion Op, players will be briefed on their objective, target area, and difficulty level. Exterminate your prescribed quota of fiends, and report your triumph to a Dominion Sergeant. This will lead to an expanded sphere of influence over the corresponding horde, and earn you experience and other rewards for your efforts.

  • Players level 74 or below will be subject to reduced experience point yield. You get full EXP at Level 75 and you lose 2% per level below 75. Example: a L70 character would receive only 90% the EXP a Level 75+ character would. The other benefits, Cruor/Dominion Notes do not get reduced. All characters get full bonuses.
  • Completion of a Dominion Op may be reported to any Dominion Sergeant in the corresponding area.
  • Progress review and cancellation may be conducted with any Dominion Sergeant in any of the three areas.
  • Dominion sergeants may be found at the following locations:
    Abyssea - Altepa: (C-11 / G-8 / G-11)
    Abyssea - Uleguerand (G-7 / J-5 / K-9)
    Abyssea - Grauberg: (F-10 / G-12 / L-6)

Dominion Ops[edit]

Abyssea Dominion OP # Location Targets Exp
  Abyssea - Altepa   Dominion Op #01 (C-11)   Sand Sweeper x5 600-4590
  Dominion Op #02 (C-11)   Surveyor x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #03 (C-11)   Bonfire x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #04 (G-8)   Dune Manticore x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #05 (G-8)   Manigordo x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #06 (G-8)   Camelopardalii x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #07 (G-11)   Desert Puk x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #08 (G-11)   Ergdrake x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #09 (G-11)   Dune Cockatrice x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #10 (G-11)   Gastornis x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #11 (G-8)   Nannakola x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #12 (G-8)   Akrab x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #13 (C-11)   Fear Dearg x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #14 (C-11)   Barrens Treant x5 600-????
  Abyssea - Grauberg   Dominion Op #01 (L-6)   Sinister Seidel x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #02 (L-6)   Monitor x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #03 (L-6)   Stygian Djinn x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #04 (G-12)   Faunus Wyvern x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #05 (G-12)   Putrid Peapuk x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #06 (L-6)   Glade Wivre x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #07 (F-10)   Sensenmann x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #08 (F-10)   Deimobugard x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #09 (G-12)   Peak Pugil x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #10 (G-12)   Glen Crab x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #11 (F-10)   Seelie x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #12 (F-10)   Unseelie x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #13 (G-12)   Goblin Plunderer x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #14 (G-12)   Goblin Meatgrinder x5 600-????
  Abyssea - Uleguerand   Dominion Op #01 (G-7)   Mechanical Menace x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #02 (G-7)   Spectator x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #03 (G-7)   Sub-Zero Gear x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #04 (J-5)   Snowflake x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #05 (J-5)   Verglas Golem x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #06 (J-5)   Olyphant x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #07 (J-5)   Svelldrake x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #08 (J-5)   Adasaurus x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #09 (K-9)   Ectozoon x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #10 (K-9)   Hoarmite x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #11 (G-7)   Ermit Imp x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #12 (G-7)   Benumbed Vodriga x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #13 (K-9)   Bluffalo x5 600-????
  Dominion Op #14 (K-9)   Sierra Tiger x5 600-????
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