Return to Delkfutt's Tower

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Mission Name Return to Delkfutt's Tower
Number ZM8
Level 65+
Title Granted Destroyer of Antiquity
Repeatable Yes
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The Chamber of Oracles Ro'Maeve


  • Optional: Talk to Aldo in the Tenshodo, inside the Neptune Spire Inn in Lower Jeuno.
Having the Delkfutt Key or the Key ItemDelkfutt Key will considerably lower the travel time to the upper floors of the Delkfutt's Tower.
  • Enter Delkfutt's Tower for a cutscene.
  • Once inside Delkfutt's Tower, if you have the Delkfutt Key or the Key ItemDelkfutt Key, make a left at the first fork and go through the Cermet Door at (E-8). Hug the left wall until you come to another Cermet Door at (J-8), click on the door. Once through the door, walk forward and you'll see a ??? at the bottom of the stairs, click it to be taken to the 10th floor.
  • In Upper Delkfutt's Tower on the 10th floor, assuming you took the elevator, go through the Cermet Door at (H-7) and hug the left wall 'til you come to another Cermet door at (F-8). Head up the stairs to the 11th floor.
Remember to sneak/invisible as you can get aggro from bats and giants. Watch out for dolls and pots that aggro to magic.
  • On the 11th floor, go North-East across the room to (I/J-6) to the stairs that lead to the 12th floor.
  • On the 12th floor, go South-West to (F-10). Go through the portal to Stellar Fulcrum. You will receive a cutscene.
Watch out for the holes, don't want to fall to the lower floor.
  • When ready, examine the Qe'lov Gate at the other end of the chamber to enter the battlefield.
    • Buffs will wear upon entering fight, but there is no exp loss if you die.
    • A character must have completed the mission or possess the key item needed for the battle to enter.


  • Kam'lanaut casts Dispelga, Silencega, and Slowga. Slowga takes priority over Haste.
  • His Elemental Blade ability gives him an En-Spell of that element and absorbs all damage of that element. He uses the ability often and changes the element.
For example, if he has Lightning Blade up, and you cast Thunder IV on him, he will gain 1,300 HP instead of losing it.
The en-spell can be dispelled.
  • Uses Great Wheel (~200 damage AOE, Gravity, and Hate Reset).
  • Uses Light Blade (700-1,200 physical damage, single target). Can be absorbed by Utsusemi and Third Eye.
  • Kam'lanaut is immune to Silence and Sleep.
  • Has slightly less than 12,725 HP.

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Game Description

Mission Orders
Hurry to Delkfutt's Tower and stop the Zilartian princes from completing their plan to open the Gate of the Gods.
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