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Darkness Rising (pt.1) - Metalworks
Naji: You're back from Jeuno.

No time to chat. Come with me.

Volker: You say someone snuck a familiar into the President's Office, but you were not warned of its presence?

Iron Eater: Yes, sir. We were taken by surprise.
I did not think anything like this was possible...

Volker: Sir Lucius did send me a report stating that our magical defenses were inadequate, but I didn't think that they would be so easy to break...

Iron Eater: ...

Cornelia: Father!?

Cid: Cornelia...

Cornelia: Uncle Cid!
Where's Father?

Cid: Calm down, Cornelia.
We have the situation under control.

Cornelia: Is Father...?
Please, tell me it's not true...!

Karst: Hmph.
Don't make a scene. I'm not dead yet.

Cornelia: Father!

Karst: Cornelia, this does not concern you.
Go to your room.

Karst: Lucius, explain what happened.

Lucius: The familiar used magic to infiltrate the building...then it proceeded to cross the office straight toward the president's private chambers.

Lucius: Fortunately, the president was awake at the time, and was not injured...

Lucius: But they took the talisman.

Cid: The talisman!?
The key to the Shadow Lord's seal!?

Lucius: Twenty years ago, our allied forces defeated the Shadow Lord in the Northlands and sealed him away from our world. Chief Cid and Captain Volker were there, I believe.

Lucius: The three parts of the key to the seal, the talismans, were given to each nation's leader for safekeeping.
But now, at least one of them is gone...

Volker: Who would do such a thing?

Karst: Have you not found the culprit yet?
Granted, there are many who bear ill feelings towards me...

Karst: But then again, those fools in the Senate are too busy squabbling with each other, and the Galka rebels are too savage to possess any magic skills...

Iron Eater: ...

Cornelia: Father! Don't talk about the Galka that way!

Karst: Why are you still here?
Did I not tell you to go to your room?

Cornelia: ...

Lucius: From the reports we have received from the other nations, we must assume that the Kindred are trying to bring the Shadow Lord back.

Volker: Then we must go to the Northlands to investigate!

Karst: The Senate would have to approve before I can let the Mythril Musketeers go so far away from the city.

Karst: It would take too much time, and time is a luxury we cannot afford.
Besides, the Senate has no sense of crisis--they would just reject my proposal.

Volker: Then...

Karst: We have to find someone with no legal constraints.

Karst: I am assigning you a mission, adventurer, and putting you under the Musketeers' jurisdiction.

Lucius: You do not have to answer right away, but do you accept?

Accept the mission?
Yes. <----- Chose this option!
I need some time.

Karst: Then let us talk in private.
Volker, come with us.

Lucius: First, let me tell you about your destination.
You are to journey to the cursed Northlands, to the ruins of Fei'Yin. You will find the ruins at the northeastern corner of the Beaucedine Glacier.

Lucius: The city of Fei'Yin was built in ancient times by a civilization far more advanced than ours.

Lucius: We believe they called themselves the Zilart.
There are many other ruins in Vana'diel thought to be of their making.

Lucius: Considering how long ago they were built, their state of preservation is astounding.
It is as if they are protected by some unseen force that defies time itself.

Lucius: Thirty years ago, a multinational team was sent to the Northlands to try to uncover the secrets of the Zilart's power.

Lucius: Ulrich, Volker's grandfather--and the captain of the Mythril Musketeers at the time--led the Bastokan contingent of that expedition.

Lucius: Unfortunately, they came back empty-handed.

Volker: ...

Lucius: Captain Volker will tell you the way to your destination.
He undertook the same journey twenty years ago, near the end of the Great War.

Volker: Even before the war, Fei'Yin was overrun with fiends. We captured it from the Shadow Lord at the cost of many lives.

Volker: After the war, we set seals on both sides of the border to keep the Shadow Lord's minions at bay.
One seal in the ruined coliseum on the inside, and another in Fei'Yin on the outside.

Volker: That was twenty years ago. In those days, we could reach the Beaucedine Glacier from East Ronfaure through Ranguemont Pass.

Volker: That is still the only way there,but I believe San d'Oria is guarding that road now.
You will have to find some way through.

Lucius: Your objective is to ascertain that the seal in Fei'Yin is still intact.
If it is not, replace it with the one we will be providing you.

Karst: You do have an airship pass, do you not?

Karst: Head to Jeuno, and take the flight to San d'Oria as soon as possible.
You are dismissed.

Accept the mission?
I need some time. <----- Chose this option!

Karst: Very well.
Talk to the guard in charge of missions when you feel you are ready.

The Rank 5 Mission - Fei'Yin
Zeid: Thirty years ago, the three nations--Windurst, Bastok, and San d'Oria--sent an expedition to investigate this cursed land.

Zeid: The Galka swordsman Raogrimm, the Hume monk Cornelia, the Hume warrior Ulrich...

Zeid: The Elvaan knight Francmage, the Tarutaru white mage Iru-Kuiru, and the Mithra ranger Rabntah were the members of the expedition.

Zeid: All of them were great heroes of their people. But they had to cut the expedition short when an accident claimed two of their group.

Zeid: Raogrimm and Cornelia were the ones who died in the accident. The others are said to have suffered violent deaths themselves after their return.

Zeid: Perhaps they had awakened the curse that was said to be buried in this land... They may have called forth the ancient bane.

Lion: The ancient bane...
The Shadow of Darkness--a image of the Shadow Lord--told us...that our kinds were the ones that had awakened him.

Lion: That he would spread the bane that will destroy Vana'diel from our cowardice, rage, envy, arrogance, and apathy...

Zeid: His image?
I see...

Zeid: "The great bane will devour the fair land of Vana'diel..."

Zeid: "The ancient seal will be broken, awakening nightmares of ages past."

Zeid: "The blood of innocents will soak the earth, and the world will fall into fear and despair."

Lion: "But as one bright star shines through the clouds at night, and as one song rings clear above the roar of beasts, we hold to one hope in these darkest of times."

Lion: "That they will come, with the wisdom of ages and the strength of thousands, to deliver us from our plight. We await the awakening of the Warriors of the Crystal."

Lion: That's an old song... It's called "The Warriors of the Crystal," isn't it?

Zeid: Just an old wives' tale. I do not know why I mentioned it.
I must go. I do not expect to find much, but something troubles me...

The Rank 5 Mission - Qu'Bia Arena
Zeid: You fight well...but you should learn to pace yourself.

Battles are won by those who can still swing their swords at the end of the day.

Zeid: I am curious. What are you doing here?
The beastmen have been acting strangely...were you asked to spy on them?

Zeid: The seal of the Northlands?
Ah, that thing those Tarutaru did at the end of the Great War...

Zeid: I have seen no signs of it. It must have already been broken.
Hmph. I wish I could see the look on your superiors' faces when they find out.

Zeid: You say you have brought another seal?
You should not have bothered, as they are useless.

Zeid: Who am I? I am just a wandering knight.
I do not care what the beastmen do--nor should you.

Zeid: The Shadow Lord was killed twenty years ago and that is a fact.
These rumors of him returning are just plain nonsense.

Zeid: But Castle Zvahl is also called the Crossroad of Fates...
And yet, it cannot be.

Darkness Rising (pt.2) - Metalworks
Naji: Woah! You made it back from Fei'Yin in one piece!

Come with me, quick!

Lucius: So...the seal in Fei'Yin was also broken.

Karst: Where were the San d'Orians!?
It was their duty to protect it!

Lucius: Mister President?
Should we ask the Senate about an incursion to Zvahl?

Karst: We seem to have no other choice.
But until they come to a decision, our hands are tied.

Lucius: We would like you to stand by for further orders.
We have preparations to make.

Volker: I heard you mention meeting a Galka dressed all in black in Fei'Yin.
Tell me more about him.

Volker: As I thought...it is Zeid.
Then he has been tracking the Kindred ever since he disappeared twenty years ago.

Volker: He was the Number Two Mythril Musketeer--the Galka named "War Cloud."
Ah...but he never liked being called by his Hume-given name.

Volker: He is the one who defeated the Shadow Lord... He should have been Captain, not I.

Volker: Still, why has he been hiding from us?
What is there in the Northlands that would change Zeid, and even my uncle, so much?

Volker: Ah, I apologize. It is not my place to ask these questions. I am but a Musketeer, a humble soldier of Bastok.

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