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Game Script[edit]

Darkness Named (pt.1) - Upper Jeuno
Monberaux: An acquaintance of the patient who was just brought in?

Ulmia: That is correct. Where is she!?

Monberaux: Ah, you also know the patient? You may accompany Player name.

Monberaux: However, I must warn you. Her condition is still quite unstable. It seems she is suffering terribly...

Ulmia: Prishe!

Tenzen: Wait, you are...

Monberaux: Do you two know each other? This noble warrior is the one who brought in our unconscious princess.

Monberaux: Sir Tenzen...the adventurer, Player name, also seems to be acquainted with the patient.

Ulmia: Prishe...
What ill fate has befallen you...?

Prishe: ...Keeper...

Ulmia: Prishe?

Prishe: ...of the...Apocalypse...

Ulmia: Keeper of the Apocalypse? Of what are you speaking?

Tenzen: !?

Prishe: Calling...me...
...Get away!

Prishe: N-no!

Ulmia: Her amulet! It is gone!

Ulmia: You! Did you not see an amulet about my dear friend's neck? Without it, she...

Tenzen: I apologize, miss, but by the time I had found her, she was without this amulet of which you speak.

Ulmia: Impossible...

Ulmia: Wait! Player name, would you show me your amulet?

Ulmia: I feel the two may be connected in some way.
Please! It may be the only way we can save Prishe!

Monberaux: The patient's condition has been stabilized. However, she shows no signs of awakening from the deep sleep into which she has fallen.
In all my years as a doctor, I have never seen anything like this...

Monberaux: Player name, do you truly feel that this all has some connection to that amulet?

Monberaux: If only the mysterious boy who dropped it were still here, he might help us shed some light onto the predicament in which we find ourselves...

Tenzen: Boy...? You do not mean the same boy whom the Ducal Guard is searching for, do you?

Monberaux: What is this? Have you also heard the rumors of the strange young man who disappeared days ago?

Tenzen: While visiting the palace, I was told of a certain dangerous boy.

Tenzen: I see...
So this boy carried with him an amulet similar to that of the girl. This could be why she was attacked...

Ulmia: But, Prishe's amulet was given to her by Cardinal Mildaurion. It is preposterous to think that the cardinal could be associated with any criminals!

Tenzen: Cardinal Mildaurion of the Tavnazian Cathedral?

Ulmia: Yes. Long ago, the cardinal gave the amulet to Prishe after she had been badly injured in an accident. She said it was to protect her.

Ulmia: Ever since that day, she has not been without the amulet.
But why would anyone wish to steal it...?

Monberaux: Perhaps it was the boy who stole the patient's amulet. However, just days ago I heard that the boy was recently spotted in the ruins of Pso'Xja, located deep within the dreaded Northlands.

Tenzen: What!? Are you positive!?

Monberaux: A soldier I treated for hypothermia mentioned that his party had seen him alone in the ruins. When the Ducal Guard learned of this, they set out for the Northlands at once.

Tenzen: So the fourth crystal lies in the ruins of Pso'Xja...
I have no time to lose.

Monberaux: Wait!

Monberaux: Before you set off on your journey, I must inform you that the ruins are controlled by an organization known as the Tenshodo. You should probably consult with them first.

Tenzen: I see...
Thank you for this information.
Good day, Doctor!

Darkness Named (pt.1) - The Shrouded Maw
Tenzen: ...

Player name!

Tenzen: Were you able to locate the fugitive boy?

Tenzen: I must have searched the entire landscape surrounding this tower; however, I was unsuccessful in uncovering any trace of him...

Tenzen: All that remains is the area that lies ahead of...

Tenzen: What is this...this chill in the air?

Darkness Named (pt.2) - The Shrouded Maw
Tenzen: What is the purpose of this place? What sort of dark rituals were performed here?

Tenzen: Hm? We are not alone!?

Tenzen: It cannot be! She is suppposed to be resting in the infirmary in Jeuno!

Tenzen: And that boy...

Prishe: So you're the one who saved me?

Prishe: What? I'm supposed to give this to...?

Tenzen: Wait! What are you conspiring with that boy!?

Diabolos: Traitors!
There is no escape!

Tenzen: The terrestrial avatar of dreams...Diabolos!?

Tenzen: Which can only mean...we are already inside his dream!

Darkness Named (pt.3) - The Shrouded Maw
Diabolos: Your efforts are in vain, for this is nothing but a dream.

Diabolos: I am the ruler of the subconscious plane. What you dream becomes my dream, and what I dream becomes your world. Now sleep...

Tenzen: I will not let you drag me into your darkness!

Diabolos: That flame!? Phoenix!?

Tenzen: The blazing lifeforce of the avatar flows through my blade.

Tenzen: I, Tenzen, left my country in the Far East after hearing the warning of the avatars--the warning that the Keeper of the Apocalypse's return was imminent.

Tenzen: I have come here to request your assistance!

Tenzen: Of the five crystals, three have been overcome by the Emptiness...

Tenzen: Is it not the duty of the five terrestrial avatars to protect the crystals? Let us join in arms and defeat the enemy of light!

Diabolos: Battle the Emptiness...?

Diabolos: So, Phoenix still remains unwhole...

Diabolos: And that is why she continues to feed people false hopes, all the while forgetting the truths that lie in the battles fought ten thousand years ago...

Tenzen: False hopes! How can you say such a thing!?

Diabolos: Listen carefully, children of the dawn. Emptiness is not without reason. Is place is set in the eternal scheme of the universe.

Diabolos: And true reason is that which lies deep within your soul. Reason that makes you what you are.

Prishe: So if Emptiness is reason, then our souls are filled with...!?

Diabolos: To defy the will of the Twilight God is to defy reason. Any attempt to escape from Emptiness is futile.

Diabolos: Now that the Emptiness encroaches on your soul, you can hear its voice...and the voice that calls back...

Diabolos: ...The voice of the Emptiness within you...

Tenzen: The voice of Emptiness...!?

Diabolos: However, there is no need for despair.

Diabolos: Ten thousand years ago the Kuluu, too, lost all hope. It is then that I was born here, in the depths of their city.

Diabolos: I am the ruler of dreams, and within my dreams--within my kingdom of Dynamis--people can escape the harshness of reality.

Diabolos: Emptiness consumes the body, but the soul lives on--it lives on in my world.

Diabolos: If the Keeper of the Apocalypse truly is on his way, there is nothing left on Vana'diel for the children of Altana--nothing but annihilation.

Diabolos: Now come... Save yourselves while you still have the chance...
Let go of all you know and enter my world, as have many others...

Diabolos: The realm of dreams is a paradise, free of pain and strife.

Prishe: Shut up, you monster!
Why would anyone want to live in your prison, anyway!?

Prishe: How do you know we can't defeat the Emptiness!? Have you even tried?

Diabolos: Fool...
You have heard the voice of the Emptiness, so you are aware of what lies beyond my dreams.

Diabolos: And even so, you tell me you do not fear what you heard?

Prishe: Why would I be afraid of that?

Prishe: I've survived beastman attacks, huge explosions, and the fall of Tavnazia. People can do anything if they don't give up hope!

Prishe: Isn't that right, Player name?

Is there still hope for mankind?
There's always hope!
Destiny is destiny... <----- Chose this option!

Prishe: ...

Prishe: Isn't that right, Player name?

Is there still hope for mankind?
There's always hope! <----- Chose this option!
Destiny is destiny...

Diabolos: Why...?
Why do you remember what you saw in my world...?

Diabolos: It was I who led you to my realm...
Or was it you who led me to yours...?

Diabolos: If that is true, then...

Diabolos: This light... This light is that of the crystal...

Tenzen: Are you all right?

Tenzen: I was unable to stop the boy.

Tenzen: But for what reason was he here?
And what is the truth behind the words of Diabolos?

Tenzen: Much is still unclear. I must return to Jeuno and find out if there is anything else that girl knows...

Darkness Named (pt.2) - Upper Jeuno
Monberaux: If you're here to see the girl, she's been awake for the past few hours.

Prishe: What do you think you're talking about!? There's no way the cardinal would...

Ulmia: I know, but even if she did, I am positive there is a reasonable explanation.

Ulmia: Oh, Player name. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for you saving Prishe.

Ulmia: She has informed me of what transpired that day.

Ulmia: Possessed by an unknown beast within her own dream...

Ulmia: You and Tenzen were able to bring her back. However, we still do not know what has become of the amulet she carried.

Ulmia: I sense that the goings-on of the past few days are but the tip of the iceberg.

Ulmia: Player name, is there anything more you can tell us?

Tenzen: That is the question we should be asking you!

Tenzen: What are your connections with this criminal that I, the duchy, and Player name are searching for?

Tenzen: The boy who has constantly eluded the Ducal Guard--where is he hiding?

Tenzen: Prishe, you must answer me. Why was that boy with you, and where has he disappeared to!?

Prishe: Hell if I know...
But there is one thing that I can say: I don't care if he's on the top of Jeuno's most wanted list. If it weren't for him saving my butt, I'd be pushing up lilacs in the necropolis.

Prishe: Anyway, it's not the boy I'm worried about. What are you going to do about that monster in my dream!? You said you knew what it was, right?

Prishe: Come on! Spill it, old man! Why is that thing after me!?

Tenzen: Diabolos... Terrestrial avatar of dreams...

Ulmia: Terrestrial avatar...?

Tenzen: The terrestrial avatars are the five powerful gods born of Vana'diel and entrusted to protect her.

Tenzen: Many eons ago, the five avatars fought a fierce battle with an evil presence that attempted to envelop and suffocate our world.

Tenzen: There is the fiery bird of resurrection, Phoenix, whom the blade I carry at my side has been blessed by.

Tenzen: And then there is the ruler of dreams, Diabolos; the guardian of the moon, Fenrir; the bringer of rainbows, Carbuncle; and the conqueror of the skies, Bahamut...

Prishe: Ba-Bahamut!?

Tenzen: You have heard of the legend of Bahamut?
It just so happens that I have traveled across many malms of ocean to this continent in order to meet Bahamut--and request his assistance in stopping the Keeper of the Apocalypse.

Ulmia: !!!

Prishe: Now that you mention it, when I went to Cape Riverne, I do remember Bahamut saying something about a keeper of some sorts...

Ulmia: Keeper of the Apocalypse... Prishe! Those are the words you spoke while you were unconscious!

Prishe: All I remember is that before you guys arrived, that monster Diabolos talked about a song that sang of the keeper.
What was it called...? "Memoria de la S^tona"?

Ulmia: The memory of the crystal...

Prishe: He also said that when the keeper arrives, "our pact will be fulfilled." Whatever that means...

Prishe: And that's why he told me to see Bahamut as soon as possible...

Tenzen: "Our pact"...
What could he have meant...?

Prishe: Beats me, and I don't plan on going back there to ask him.

Prishe: But I have a feeling that Bahamut could fill us in on the details. That's why we've got to go back to Tavnazia!

Tenzen: Back to Tavnazia? You mean to tell me that you have come from the marquisate?

Ulmia: That is correct. However, we were teleported here by Bahamut when we tried to speak with him...

Tenzen: What an excellent turn of events!

Tenzen: It just so happens that I have requested transport to Tavnazia from the leader of the Tenshodo, Aldo. If it is possible, I would like you two to join me and help me find Bahamut!

Prishe: So you're the guy Aldo was talking about...

Prishe: Well, I guess the more the merrier, right? We'll meet you at the Tenshodo when you're ready to go.

Tenzen: Understood!

Prishe: Oh, and you, Player name.

Prishe: I'll be holding on to this amulet for just a little while longer. You got a problem with that?

Prishe: Hey, and when you're finished with your business here, why don't have come back to Tavnazia? You know the way, right?

Prishe: See ya around!

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