Curse (Special)

'A powerful curse prevents you from recovering any HP or MP.


An Enhanced Curse Effect, on a similar level as Doom, but with different effects. Affected players cannot recover HP or MP by any means. Any kind of gain to HP or MP is suppressed- this includes Refresh and Regen, as well as any kind of Drain or Aspir effects.

How to remove the effect[edit]

NOTE: There is no such effect as zombie in FFXI. There is only an "Enhanced" Curse effect. To successfully remove with Cursna a WHM needs high if not capped Healing Magic in conjunction with Enhances Cursna Effect Gear. Mending Cape was added to the game solely for the Enhanced Curse applied by Muyingwa and other NM's that share this Enhanced Curse ability applied through TP moves. Mending Cape and Ephedra Ring worn by a WHM with capped Healing Magic will consistently remove this effect on the first try. Tested on Bahamut by Eozen , Soraishin, Mishakit, Aaniss on Colkhab and Muyingwa.

How the effect is inflicted[edit]

Monster Abilities[edit]


  • Accursed Belt
    MP restoration with accursed belt equip is still possible.
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