Crystal War Revisited

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[[{{SUBST:Crystal War Revisited}}|   ]]
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Hmmm, I’m quite concerned kupo.

What’s wrong? Has something happened back in San d'Oria kupo?

We’ve been receiving report after report of an influx of nasty orcs around Ghelsba and Davoi areas kupo.

It’s the same with the Quadav near Palborough Mines and Beadeaux kupo! We can’t ignore the situation anymore kupooo!

Now that you mention it, even Giddeus and Castle Oztroja are seeing a swelling of Yagudo scoundrels! I think it may be because so many of our adventurers have journeyed off to the eastern lands. It’s given the beastmen the perfect opportunity to run rampant kupo!

Shiver to think what might happen to our three nations if these troubling trends continue kupo!

But you can’t mean that... Are you saying... But what about the... And the... Not another Great War kupo!?

Oh no kupo! But hopefully it won’t come to that, kupo. After all, twenty years ago the Allied Forces of Altana ended the Crystal War in triumph kupo!

You’re right kupo! If the Allied Forces were to team up again they’d take care of all those mean beastmen, just like the first time around kupo.

The Allied Forces of Altana... That was a collaborative effort between Jeuno and the three nations, right kupo? Was it ever determined which nation was most instrumental in the alliance’s victory kupo?

Surely you jest kupo! There’s no question that it was my home Kingdom of San d’Oria. No enemy can withstand the mighty charges of our Royal Knight Army’s armored cavalry kupo!

Hang on just a second there kupo!
How can you possibly say that it was such an outdated fighting technique that defeated the nefarious Beastmen Confederate kupo? My Bastok’s Republican Legion boasts by far the largest numbers of the four nation’s armies. There’s the Iron Musketeers and their state-of-the-art equipment! The unmatched elite forces of the Gold Musketeers! Bastok practically carried the allied effort on its unbreakable back kupo!

<Sigh> Oh would you both calm down kupo. Being moogles you should both know good and well the power of magic kupo! Everyone knows that if it weren’t for the War Warlocks of my Windurst, the Allied Forces would have been obliterated at the Battle of Xarcabard kupo.

Oh that’s rich kupo! Remind me, which nation was it that came crying for help to the Royal Knights after suffering all those losses?

That’s not how it happened kupo!? At the Siege of Jeuno it was the Federal Forces of Windurst that--

--Ohohoho! It looks like you three may set off a great war of your own there kupo.


You must be...

Is that a fake moustache? There’s something not quite natural about it kupo...

Mind your manors! Don’t you know who this is, kupo!?! It can only be the one who is untouched by time and eternally watching over all our kind kupo!

The Guardian Moogle kupo!

So that means you must know all about the Great War too, right kupo?

Hey, that’s right! Maybe you can settle an argument for us kupo! Oh Most Venerable Moogle! We beseech you kupo! Please tell us, which nation played the greatest role in the success of the Allied Forces of Altana kupo?

Ohohoho! Here I was wondering what you three were bickering about so heatedly, and it turns out to be such a recent little footnote in history as that, kupo!


You really are untouched by time...

Ok, that’s great. Now just please take off the moustache and tell us which nation was strongest kupo!

Very well...The answer is...that know...kupo!

That? Meaning...which?

You know that nation...the city...with the people...and the buildings...and blah blah blah kupo.

Don’t tell me kupo...

Hmm... Seems I’ve gone and plumb forgotten...kupo!

Huh!? How can you forget something like that! You’re the Guardian Moogle!

Try remembering...really hard kupo!

Oh, I don’t think that would be much help I’m lucky if I can remember what I had for my last meal these days kupo.

Well, how about I propose a friendly little competition for you instead kupo.It’s called “Crystal War Revisited”!

“Crystal War Revisited”...kupo?

That’s got a tantalizing ring to it kupo!

The rules are simple. There are several beastmen-held positions where they have spent long years stocking up large crystal clusters kupo. As an adventurer, at the request of your nation of allegiance, go cut off and bring back a piece of that cluster...kupo!

Crystal War Revisited (11-08-2007)-1.jpg
After you are done, compare the amount of crystal fragments that you have each brought back, and the country whose representative has retrieved the most shall earn his nation recognition as the strongest among the Allied Forces of Altana. Kupo?

W-Well... It sounds fair enough, kupo. But...

Can such a heavy matter really be settled by

Game!? This is a simulation that will allow you to delve into the very bowels of history kupo!

Simulation, kupo?

Did I stutter kupo? The Crystal War was nothing more than a struggle between the forces of Altana and those of the Shadow Lord for the possession of crystals, no? So if you simply reenact such a struggle, then you are sure to arrive at the answer to the question you seek kupo.

Ahhh, now I get it kupo. If we fight in exactly the same manner as the Great War, then none of us can contest the outcome kupo!

Well then, I shall be overlooking the whole affair. Take up the pride and spirit of your nation, and have at it to your heart’s content kupo!

Alright! Looks like we can settle this fair-and-square and once-and-for-all kupo! The adventurers that is...kupo.

The reputation of the strongest nation is at stake! This is just what we needed! Well, the adventurers...kupo.

Ready battle formations! I meant the adventurers, not us...kupo.

Event Schedule

From Thursday, November 8, 2007 at 01:00 PST until Thursday, November 15, 2007 at 01:00 PST.

How to Participate

1. To take part in "Crystal War Revisited," talk to any of the moogles found at the following locations:

Southern San d'Oria (K-9) / Bastok Markets (G-8) / Windurst Woods (K-10)

2. Raid one of the following beastmen-held positions and obtain a fragment of the Huge Crystal being kept there:
Ghelsba Outpost / Palborough Mines / Giddeus / Davoi / Beadeaux / Castle Oztroja
  • Defeating the special Notorious Monsters that can be found wandering about near the Huge Crystals will result in a temporary bonus to the amount of crystal fragments a character can hold for all PCs in the area at that time.
3. Should you safely obtain a crystal fragment, return to town and report back to the Moogle. Work together with as many adventurers as possible to secure victory a nd earn your nation the title of most powerful among the Allied Forces of Altana!
  • Participation in Reliving the Crystal War is unlimited throughout the duration of the event.

Event Results

Following completion of the event, the scores will be tallied to determine if San d'Oria, Bastok, or Windurst is the victor. The final results will be posted in the Topics section.
And there may just be a special something waiting for the members of the victorious nation!
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