Cattah Pamjah

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[[{{SUBST:Cattah Pamjah}}|   ]]
Cattah Pamjah
Gender: Female
Race: Mithra
Affiliation: Windurst
Occupation: Bard
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[[{{SUBST:Cattah Pamjah}}|   ]]
Type: Traveling Bard
Location: Windurst Waters (S), North (G-10)


Will change your Title for a fee or can give you a random title for free. For a full list of titles which you can get with this NPC, see Titles.

Historical Background

Cattah Pamjah's name may be a play on "cat's pajamas", an old slang phrase used to describe remarkable people (example sentence: "Isn't he just the cat's pajamas?"). Considering that Cattah sings of remarkable adventurers and their feats, the name fits. To go even further, Cattah labels people, just as the slang phrase labels people to be a cat's pajamas.

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