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Lotting System[edit]

If you are going to do VW, arm yourself with a LOT of patience, and probably some tranquilizers. Watch your blood pressure! The lotting system is the worst that SE has ever come up with. All drops are random. (given capped lights) We had a situation tonight where a guy was leading his maybe 300th run on an NM for a coveted body piece... and someone else got that very same body 3 times in 6 fights, 2 times of that in a row. There is a VERY simple reason to this: SE is keeping us at it, playing and paying w/o having to provide new content. Making pieces hard to get, having an unfair (from our point of view fairly idiotic) lotting system perfectly SUITS the development team. They are after our $$$ only, as long as we stay and pay, everything is working as intended. So, don't hold your breath for this to change any time soon. Cheers Aphugel 07:40, October 20, 2011 (UTC)

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