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Not Sure if Aquans or Amorpha[edit]

I'm not sure if this family is amorpha or aquans. I've put then in amorpha for now.

I drain MP from these all the time i don't understand why it says they don't have MP

was killing these when passing by to check the ???warmachine for cop as a 74SAM/BLM. Evasion will help you evade their venom shell skill. However if it does hit you, it is very potent taking 16hp/tick(took me down to 3/5 health bar). Venom shell also gives a very high def boost. My attacks went from 230 to mere 50. Thats not all, when its hiding in its shell(after venom shell) it regens really fast. I seen it go 2%hp a tick.

not a very fun mob to kill unless you bring antidotes or poisona.

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