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Shouldn't this category be named "Category:Staves"?

I tried to move it, but got an error message. Maybe one of the moderators could move it. Thanks.

  • I checked before creating this category. The plural for staff is staffs. -Shinwei

I agree that it's technically correct, but "staffs" is usually used when referring to groups of employees and is rarely used when referring to walking sticks. Also, the term used in the Auction House is "Staves."

When refering to a weapon, the plural is Staves, just like in the Auction House listing.

--- Seconded - This should be "Staves" when referring to weapons and not human resources. - User:Antichris


Now someone who voted for this needs to re-categorize the staffs before this can be deleted. --Gahoo 14:50, 27 Jun 2005 (PDT)


Is done - all remaining articles have been switched from category:staffs to category:staves.

What's the next step?


I hope no one would mind if I changed all the "MP/HP regeneration while healing" to read "HP/MP recovered while healing". I don't think I've ever seen an ingame item that read regeneration while healing. Those items with "regeneration" in the info column who have pictures in their pages do have the word "recovered". --Timon of Athens 13:39, 10 September 2006 (EDT)

==Weapon Skills==[edit]

(Hello!) I would like to start something new about weaponskills. I'll try adding my input of what i know and others can help. ATM SMN 75 with 216 skill.

Heavy Swing - Low damage use only if this is all you have.
Rock Crusher - Awsome damage for a staff.
Earth Crusher - Better damage but AOE if mobs around use R.C.
Starburst - Low damage unless undead use R.C. and or E.C.
Sunburst - Moderate damage but AOE use R.C. or E.C.
Shell Crusher - Moderate damage. Use this to lower defenced of mob.
Full Swing - Nice damage but to late in the skill department.
Spirit Taker - By far the most useful of all weaponskills less one. Suggested to use as often to get mp even off undead. Some uindead mobs are x2 damage to increase the mp x2.

==Sort Function Broken==[edit]

It appears that when the staves are sorted by DPS any Staff with double digit DPS will be sorted incorrectly I'm not sure as to how to fix this but wanted to make someone who could fix this aware of the problem.

Edit: Fixed it appears to be cause by putting a non number value into the DPS area of the table. --Avin00

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