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FFXIclopedia Mentors are experienced wiki users who are willing to help new users learn how to use the wiki.

Things mentors can help you with:

  • Mentors can show you how to use templates
  • Mentors can show you how to search the wiki
  • Mentors can help you upload images to the wiki
  • Mentors can help you make a page look the way you want it to

Things mentors CANNOT help you with:

  • Mentors cannot help you find where Jaggedy-Eared Jack spawns
  • Mentors cannot give you tips on skilling up Goldsmithing
  • Mentors cannot tell you how to obtain an item

Just use your common sense. While the Mentors are here to help you, and are usually also experienced players of FFXI, do not ask them game questions. If you need help with in-game problems, please visit the Forums or search the FFXIclopedia for answers.

Please also realize that users are listed below automatically when they use the Mentor userbox. Before contacting a random Mentor it is a good idea to check out their contributions and ensure that they are frequent contributors. This can easily be done by clicking on the "User Contributions" link while on their userpage.

Listing of FFXIclopedia Mentors. See also Administrators.

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