Amateur (1-10)Recruit (11-20)Initiate (21-30)Novice (31-40)Apprentice (41-50)Journeyman (51-60)Craftsman (61-70)Artisan (71-80)Adept (81-90)Veteran (91-100+)Expert (101-110)Unknown (???)
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Bolded : Guild Rank Test item
  : item with Bonecraft as its main craft
  : item with Bonecraft as a subcraft


Item Crystal Ingredients HQ Cap
Bone Rod Fire Giant Femur
Ram Horn x2
Bone Rod +1 51
Shock Subligar Earth Carapace Subligar
Luminous Shell
Bandit's Gun
Smithing (47/58)
Fire Giant Femur
Steel Ingot x2
Bandit's Gun +1 52
Spirit Shell
Key ItemBone Ensorcellment
Wind Dark Anima
Earth Anima x2
Turtle Shell
High Healing Harness Earth Carapace Harness
Vivio Crab Shell
Kabura Arrow x33
Woodworking (91/102)
Earth Bamboo Stick
Giant Bird Fletchings
Karimata Arrowheads
Ram Horn
HQ1: Kabura Arrow x66
HQ2: Kabura Arrow x99
Scorpion Arrowheads x6 Wind Bone Chip
Scorpion Claw
HQ1: Scorpion Arrowheads x8
HQ2: Scorpion Arrowheads x10
HQ3: Scorpion Arrowheads x12
Scorpion Arrowheads x18
Key ItemFiling
Wind Bone Chip x3
Scorpion Claw x3
Shagreen File
HQ1: Scorpion Arrowheads x24
HQ2: Scorpion Arrowheads x30
HQ3: Scorpion Arrowheads x36
Shell Hairpin Wind Turtle Shell Shell Hairpin +1 53
Turtle Bangles Wind Giant Femur
Turtle Shell x2
Turtle Bangles +1 54
Tortoise Earring Wind Gold Chain
Turtle Shell
Tortoise Earring +1 55
Yagudo Headgear
Clothcraft (80/91), Leathercraft (50/61)
Earth Black Pearl x2
Bugard Tusk
Cockatrice Skin
Wool Thread
Yagudo Cutting
Yagudo Feather x2
Clothcraft (26/37)
Earth Beetle Shell
Gold Thread
Scorpion Claw x2
Wool Robe
Justaucorps +1 56
Blood Stone Wind Fiend Blood
Giant Femur
Grass Thread
Blood Stone +1 57
Bone Scythe
Woodworking (19/30)
Wind Giant Femur x2
Grass Cloth
Sheep Tooth
Yew Lumber
Bone Scythe +1 57
Stone Bangles Earth Spirit Shell
Turtle Bangles
Armored Arrowheads x6
Smithing (55/66)
Wind Steel Ingot
Taurus Horn
HQ1: Armored Arrowheads x8
HQ2: Armored Arrowheads x10
HQ3: Armored Arrowheads x12
Armored Arrowheads x18
Smithing (55/66)
Key ItemFiling
Wind Shagreen File
Steel Ingot x3
Taurus Horn x3
HQ1: Armored Arrowheads x24
HQ2: Armored Arrowheads x30
HQ3: Armored Arrowheads x36
Astragalos x8 Wind Beastman Blood
Black Ink
Giant Femur
HQ1: Astragalos x12
HQ2: Astragalos x16
HQ3: Astragalos x20
Goldsmithing (81/92)
Fire Darksteel Sword
Gold Ingot
Manticore Fang
Platinum Ingot
Jagdplaute +1 58
Beetle Knife Wind Beetle Jaw
Oak Lumber
Beetle Knife +1 59
Healing Justaucorps Earth Justaucorps
Vivio Scorpion Claw
Macuahuitl Wind Bugard Tusk
Macuahuitl -1
Macuahuitl +1 59
Woodworking (100/111), Smithing (Information Needed)
Wind Carbon Fiber
Darksteel Ingot
Ebony Lumber
Flauros Whisker
Mahogany Lumber
Rattan Lumber
Unicorn Horn
Staurobow +1 59
Beak Necklace Earth Colibri Beak x4
High Quality Crab Shell
Mohbwa Thread
Wivre Maul
Beak Necklace +1 60
Bison Jacket
Leathercraft (99/110), Clothcraft (51/62)
Earth Buffalo Horn
Buffalo Leather x2
Eft Skin
Manticore Hair x2
Manticore Leather x2
Brave's Jacket 60
Scorpion Ring Wind Scorpion Shell Scorpion Ring +1 60

Amateur (1-10)Recruit (11-20)Initiate (21-30)Novice (31-40)Apprentice (41-50)Journeyman (51-60)Craftsman (61-70)Artisan (71-80)Adept (81-90)Veteran (91-100+)Expert (101-110)Unknown (???)
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