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What are Aeonic Weapons?[edit]

Aeonic Weapons are the "ultimate" in Final Fantasy XI weapons. They are "ultimate" because of the name of the skillchains they offer "Ultimate Skillchains." Individually their Mythic, Empyrean Weapon, and (even) Relic counter-part maybe stronger. Players may obtain these "ultimate skillchains" through the Martial Mastery quest, but have a limit (max of 15 spendable points) based upon points spent via the merit system. Using one of these Aeonic Weapons grants the associated "ultimate skillchain / weaponskill" without spending any merit points or taking up the limit for the Martial Mastery weaponskills.


You must have access to Temprix to begin working on Aeonic Weapons.'

Aeonic Weapons Table[edit]

Weapon Weapon Skill Weapon Type Job Malformed Key Item Base Required Fragment Required Attestation
25px Godhands Shijin Spiral Hand-to-Hand MNK, PUP Malformed knuckles Mystic Fragment Attestation of Might
25px Aeneas Exenterator Dagger THF, BRD, DNC Malformed dagger Ornate Fragment Attestation of Celerity
25px Sequence Requiescat Sword RDM, PLD, BLU Malformed sword Holy Fragment Attestation of Glory
25px Lionheart Resolution Great Sword RUN Malformed great sword Intricate Fragment Attestation of Righteousness
25px Tri-edge Ruinator Axe BST Malformed axe Runaeic Fragment Attestation of Bravery
25px Chango Upheaval Great Axe WAR Malformed great axe Seraphic Fragment Attestation of Force
25px Anguta Entropy Scythe DRK Malformed scythe Tenebrous Fragment Attestation of Vigor
25px Trishula Stardiver Polearm DRG Malformed polearm Stellar Fragment Attestation of Fortitude
25px Heishi Shorinken Blade: Shun Katana NIN Malformed katana Demoniac Fragment Attestation of Legerity
25px Dojikiri Yasutsuna Tachi: Shoha Great Katana SAM Malformed great katana Divine Fragment Attestation of Decisiveness
25px Tishtrya Realmrazer Club WHM, GEO Malformed club Heavenly Fragment Attestation of Sacrifice
25px Khatvanga Shattersoul Staff BLM, SMN, SCH Malformed staff Celestial Fragment Attestation of Virtue
25px Fail-Not Apex Arrow Bow RNG Malformed bow Snarled Fragment Attestation of Transcendence
25px Fomalhaut Last Stand Gun RNG, COR Malformed gun Ethereal Fragment Attestation of Accuracy
25px Marsyas Honor March Instrument BRD Malformed flute Mysterial Fragment Attestation of Harmony
25px Srivatsa ---x--- Shield PLD Malformed shield Supernal Fragment Attestation of Invulnerability

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