Blessed Radiance (Ability)

Invokes the power of the Glass of All-Seeing, dealing Light elemental damage. Additional effect: Invincible, Flash


Blessed Radiance
  • Type: Special
  • Skillchain Properties: None
  • Range: Unknown
  • Notes: Blessed Radiance is a special attack usable only by your adventuring fellow during and after the quest Mirror Images. It deals substantial light-based damage and grants the NPC fellow an Invincible effect while inflicting Flash on the target enemy.
  • Your fellow can use it only when both of you are below 25% HP (red).
    • An exception to this is during the battle against Vassago: if your fellow is hit by the NM's special attack, Blighted Gloom, he/she will counter with Blessed Radiance. This includes if you're standing behind him/her when you are targeted by the demon.
  • In spirit, this is your fellow's 2-hour ability. It has been confirmed to have a somewhat lengthy recast timer, but the exact time is unknown.
    • The recast time is over 15 minutes.
    • It is reportedly possible to use it 3 times in one hourVerification Needed, meaning that the recast would have to be approximately 20 minutesVerification Needed.
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