Beastmen Treasure (Elshimo Lowlands Region)

Start NPC Peddlestox - Yuhtunga Jungle (H-6)
Requirements Key ItemAirship pass for Kazham
Items Needed Mermaid Head
Mermaid Body
Mermaid Hands
Mermaid Tail
Repeatable Yes
Reward 4000 to 5000 gil
Random Item (see below)

Yuhtunga Jungle



  • This quest does not appear in the quest log.
  • The ??? can be found at any time after trading the four items to Peddlestox.
  • Peddlestox warps away at 0:00 A.M. on Iceday. However, she can't leave her spot as long as someone is involved in conversation with her.
  • Mermaid's Ring is not 100%!
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