Atarefaunet's Band

Atarefaunet's Band was a notorious band of theives that ruled the roads of Quon for the decade prior to the Crystal War. Tavnazia gave shelter to this gang among other outlaw groups, like the Tenshodo, and operated freely within the city walls. San d'Oria declared the band a terrorist group and placed a bounty on their heads large enough to buy a private tropical island.

During the Battle of Tavnazia, the bounty hunter Goldmane captured their leader, Atarefaunet, but the success was tainted with the deaths of his wife and three children along with his partner, Cutsilver.

Atarefaunet was sentenced to death in San d'Oria, but supposedly died when an unknown individual poisoned his food pior to his hanging. Since then, his band has been scattered.

But if recent reports are to be believed, Atarefaunet is still alive and his gang has reunited for some still unknown purpose.

Known Members[edit]

Atarefaunet - Leader
Sneaking Tiger

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