As Thick as Thieves

Start NPC Nanaa Mihgo - Windurst Woods (J-3)
Requirements Thief 50+
Items Needed Gausebit Grass
Rock Salt
Lizard Egg
Repeatable Yes, see Vingijard after AF is complete
Reward Rogue's Bonnet
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The Tenshodo Showdown Hitting the Marquisate and
Borghertz's Sneaky Hands


Note: Everything except the opening cutscene can be done as another job and it does not matter which part is done first, Grappling or Gambling.

The Beginning[edit]


  • In this part, you will need to defeat a Goblin with rather high evasion.
  • Can be defeated solo as low as level 50 depending on job and Trust used. Very easy at level 65+. (see testimonials)
  • (G-6)
  • (G-8)/(H-8)
  • (I-7)/(J-7)
  • (J-8)/(K-8)
  • (K-9)
  • (I-10) This last one is on the ledge. It can be reached by:
  • The tower that spawns Climbpix Highrise is random, you will get the message "Something has come down from the tower!" when you get the right tower. The character(s) doing the quest need the Grapnel that the goblin drops to reach the thief Linzaza. Clicking the ??? again after defeating the goblin will re-spawn it whether you have the grapnel or not. (Note: Tried in March 2013, the ??? used to spawn the NM may change after each pop, was not able to pop NM again at the same spot after defeating him. --Vyenpakakapaka (talk) 04:55, March 8, 2013 (UTC)) (Note: Confirmed on April 11, 2013 to respawn by clicking the ??? again. --Skorpionkidd 11:30, April 11, 2013)
  • You will need to un-equip all your equipment so that you're not wearing anything, or You try climbing the wall using the grapnel, but you are too heavy.


  • Go to Lower Jeuno and talk to Sniggnix at (H-10) (in the back hallway at Muckvix's Junk Shop). He will play a little game of 'roll-the-dice.' All you have to do is keep rolling against him till you beat him. Then he'll tell you to go to Dangruf Wadi to gamble some more.

Dangruf Wadi[edit]

  • You will need stacks of Gausebit Grass, Rock Salt, and Lizard Eggs (based on luck) for this part. You can buy some of each, or obtain them from the monsters in Dangruf Wadi. There is no set number as to how many you need - it all depends on how lucky you are.
  • You now get to gamble against 3 more Goblins. You have to beat them all in a row, without failing on one in between. For example: if you beat the first and second goblin, then lost to the last one, you will have to start over with the first goblin again.
    • If you lose to a goblin, try immediately rolling against them a subsequent time. This editor completed THF AF2 for the first time, ever, in June 2016, and found that a complete repeat of all goblins was not necessary. Losing on the 3rd goblin only required a repeat of that goblin.
  • Neither zoning nor logging out will clear wins. You can save time by using Escape to make the trip from Grasswix to Eggblix shorter.
  • There are a number of geysers found in Dangruf Wadi that you can use to ride up the cliff they're next to. If it seems you've reached a dead-end, look around for a geyser.
  • The monster layout of the zone has changed in the years since this quest was created. All areas past the geysers and down the hole drop have level 85+ monsters. Only Goblins aggro, so you'll need Invisible.
  • If any of the Goblins rolls an almost-unbeatable number, simply force a disconnect when you are prompted to roll and trade another item for another chance when you reconnect.
  • You have to win 3 times to complete this quest. The last roll you do you will win by one.
  • Worms and lizards do not agro.
  • Each time you roll against a Goblin you have to give them their favorite item. Once you've rolled, win or lose, the item is gone. If you have to roll again, you will need another item. Here are the Goblins' locations and items:
  • First: Saltvix
Item: Rock Salt - Can be obtained or stolen from the Wadi Crabs found at (G-12), (H-12) and (I-12).
Location: ??? at the western part of the smaller opening at (G-7). The ??? is in (F-7).
Item: Gausebit Grass - Can be obtained from the Wadi Hares found at (G-10).
Location: ??? at (F-4)/(F-5) where the underground tunnel comes out.
Item: Lizard Egg - Can be obtained or stolen from the Steam Lizards found at (G-10).
Location: This is a well hidden one. Go to (F-11). There is a hidden cave entrance through the west wall. Climb up the rock path at the western most side and walk along the wall until you fall through. Follow the tunnel until you reach a hole in the floor. Drop down, being aware that just before you will be a worm. Head south to the corner at (E-12). This is where the ??? for the last goblin is.
  • Go to these ??? in the order listed and trade each one their respective item, then roll against them and hope that you win. Keep trying until you've succeeded against all three in a row!

Little Sister[edit]

  • Can be defeated solo as low as 50 depending on Trust used. Very easy at 65+. (see testimonials)
  • Once you have the gambling goblins beat, head to (J-3) in Dangruf Wadi. Ride the geyser up the cliff and follow the path until you zone out into North Gustaberg.
  • Head to the east and follow the river all the way down to the waterfall (stay on the south side of the river).
  • You'll find a ??? down here. Examining it will spawn Gambilox Wanderling.
  • After you defeat her, click on the ??? again to get a Regal Die and a cutscene.
    • Please note that you will need to fight Gambilox Wanderling for every thief that needs the Regal die.
  • Head back to Lower Jeuno and trade your Regal Die to Sniggnix to get the key item: Second Signed Forged Envelope.

Finishing Up[edit]

Game Description[edit]

Nanaa Mihgo (Cat Burglar's Lair, Windurst Woods)
Follow the "gang whereabouts note" to find the two remaining members of Atarefaunet's Band of thieves. Hand each one of them a "counterfeit envelope" and have them sign the forged documents inside.
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