Antagonistic Ambuscade

Zone: Boneyard Gully
          Level: Any
          Members: 6
          Time: 15 minutes
Orb: Zelos Orb (30 High Kindred's Crests)








Antiphus's Spawn x 4




Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

Unknown groupings:
Vile Elixir +1 (???%)
Rainbow Thread (???%)
Shiny Gold Thread (???%)
Gold Thread (???%)
Valor Minuet V (???%)
Fluorite (???%)
Gold Ingot (???%)
Water Spider's Web (???%)
Fire V (???%)
Blizzard V (???%)
Comet (???%)
Mage's Ballad III (???%)
Magical Cotton Cloth (???%)
Chrysoberyl (???%)
Breakga (???%)
Majorelle Shield (???%)
Pining Nocturne (???%)
Mythril Ingot (???%)
Bishop's Sash (???%)
Foe Lullaby II (???%)
Magical Silk Cloth (???%)
Magical Linen Cloth (???%)
Smooth Velvet (???%)
Hi-Reraiser (???%)


  • Buffs and TP will not wear upon entry due to there being no level restriction.
  • Large antlion (Antiphus) accompanied by 4 smaller antlions (Antiphus's Spawns). Antiphus must be defeated to win the battle.

  • All five antlions are concealed underground and will open with Pit Ambush when discovered, and it should be noted that Antiphus's Pit Ambush is especially brutal, dealing 1200+ damage to a level 90 Galka Mnk/nin in TP gear. It is advisable for a party member with high defenses, -PDT equipment, Stoneskin, or some equivalent to be the one to spawn Antiphus. Additionally, Antiphus's regular attacks hit for over 400, so be wary of subsequent attacks following Pit Ambush.
  • Antiphus does not move, and starts in the exact same location every fight in the center of the crater in the far corner.
  • All other antlions begin underground in randomized locations, as in Sheep in Antlion's Clothing.

  • Antiphus uses all standard antlion attacks. Below 25% HP, it will begin using Quake Blast and Gravitic Horn, and will only use these two moves.
  • Antiphus's Spawns will only use Sandpit. They are relatively weak, and can be slept.

  • Antiphus has major physical and magical resistance while any Antiphus's Spawns are alive (taking 0-3 damage on regular hits). The resistances are nullified once the last Antiphus's Spawn corpse fades away. (No message accompanies Antiphus's loss of resistances.)
  • Antiphus will regularly make use of the Draw In ability. How it draws in depends on whether its resistances are up or down. When any Antiphus's Spawns are alive, it will draw in only the person with hate approximately every 10 seconds. When they are all dead, it will draw in the whole party approximately every 20 seconds.
    • When it is only drawing in one person, that person can avoid taking any damage from Antiphus by continuously running away from it. Because Antiphus does not move, it is only necessary to move a small distance away.

  • Once all Antiphus's Spawns have been defeated, the party has approximately 90 seconds to attack Antiphus before the Antiphus's Spawns reappear, indicated by the message, "You feel the gaze of innumerable eyes watching you from the darkness..." At this point, Antiphus will regain its damage resistances and revert to its single-target Draw In until the spawns are defeated again. (This message also appears upon entering the battlefield.)
    • When Antiphus's Spawns respawn, they will be concealed underground once again. Their respawn locations are generally close to Antiphus's spawn location.

  • It is advised to stop attacking Antiphus once the spawns have reappeared, especially if Antiphus is below 25% HP, as this will mainly just feed him TP for Quake Blast and Gravitic Horn.
  • In the event any Antiphus's Spawns are alive when Antiphus is defeated, the spawns will immediately perish along with it.


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