An Uneasy Peace

Mission Name An Uneasy Peace
Number 14
Title Granted Arrester of the Ascension
Reward Behemoth Key
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Project: Shantottofication A Shantotto Ascension (Fin)


Possible Modifications Are:

HP +25 Enmity +4
MP +25 Enmity -4
Accuracy +7
Attack +7
Ranged Accuracy +7
Ranged Attack +7
Evasion +7
Magic Accuracy +4
Magic Attack Bonus +4
Haste +3
Double Attack +2
Critical Hit Damage +3%
Skillchain Damage +5%
Conserve TP +5
Physical Damage Take -4%
Magic Critical Hit Damage +10%
Magic Burst Damage +10%
Kick Attacks +5
Cure Potency +5%
Sic and Ready Ability Delay -5
Song Recast Delay -3
Barrage +1
Elemental Siphon +20
Phantom Roll Ability Delay -5
Repair Potency +10%
Waltz TP Cost -5
Pet: Accuracy +7 Ranged Accuracy +7
Pet: Attack +7 Ranged Attack +7
Pet: Store TP +8 Subtle Blow +8
Pet: Magic Accuracy +7
Movement Speed +8%

Game Description

Mission Orders
Disaster has been averted thanks to your relentless efforts, each denizen of Vana'diel returning to the life they used to know. But how long can this period of tranquility be expected to endure? Professor Yoran-Oran cannot help but be pessimistic...
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