An Acrididaen Anodyne

Start NPC Yoran-Oran - Abyssea - Attohwa (G-10)
Requirements Fame 3
Items Needed Key ItemRockhopper
Key Itemphial of counteragent
Repeatable Yes (Must zone to repeat)
Reward One of:

Jupiter's Ring AugmentedExclusive

  • First iteration: (100%)
  • Further iterations: (18.8%)

Fluorite Ring AugmentedExclusive

  • First iteration: (0%)
  • Further iterations: (81.2%)

0 to 1 of the following:
Bale Seal: Head (DRK) (???%)
Cirque Seal: Head (PUP) (???%)
Sylvan Seal: Head (RNG) (???%)
Estoqueur's Seal: Head (RDM) (???%)

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Something in the Air None


  • Talk with Yoran-Oran in the base camp.
    • You may talk to Jakaka at (I-10) to learn more about where Rockhoppers may be located. This is not required to continue with the quest.
  • Head to (I-10) near the south wall. You will find a patch of grass and bones with many Ignis Eruca around the area. They detect by sound during the day so make sure you have a form of sneak up while performing this. Stand inside the triangle formed by bones in the corner.
  • Perform a /clap emote and quickly tab around. If you find a Key ItemRockhopper target, click it quickly. If you take too long, it will disappear. The Rockhopper moves around small amounts, so it's best to just stand in one spot and clap until it works. You will see a small sparkle on the ground when it appears.
    • I suggest NOT tabbing around, but rather to set the camera to as much of bird's eye view as possible, and to look for the sparkle of the Key ItemRockhopper on the ground.
    • You must be fairly close to the spot to get the Key ItemRockhopper, else you will get a "Target out of range." message. Walking around while clapping is a viable strategy, but you must spot and use the Key ItemRockhopper target quickly.
    • "/clap motion" does work to draw out the Key ItemRockhopper. As this is a fairly popular experience spot, consider macroing this instead of just using /clap.
      • typing /clap and using the up key is of course more than fast enough. Clap fast, no time to lose.
  • Return to Yoran-Oran to receive a Key ItemPhial of counteragent.
  • Find a Gasponia and check it (near Veridical Conflux #04). If you receive the message "This gasponia is exuding a pleasantly mild scent", you must find another gasponia to inject as the current one you are at has been recently injected. The correct message is "You inject the Key Itemphial of counteragent into stalk of the gasponia.".
  • Return to Yoran-Oran for your reward.

Possible Augments[edit]

One to two of:

Game Description[edit]

Yoran-Oran (Base Camp, Abyssea - Attohwa)
Yoran-Oran has figured out a method that will stop the gasponia from giving off its noxious fumes, but he requires an elusive insect known as a Rockhopper to prepare the formula.
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