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[[{{SUBST:Ajahkeem}}|   ]]
Gender: Male
Race: Hume
Affiliation: Jeuno
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[[{{SUBST:Ajahkeem}}|   ]]
Type: NPC
Location: Ru'Lude Gardens (G-9) Located near to Rendezvous Point


  • Exchanges fellow points for items for yourself and your fellow.
  • To gain access to fellow points, equip your Signal Pearl and speak to Luto Mewrilah in Upper Jeuno (G-8) for a cutscene.
  • Go to G-9 in Ru'Lude Gardens, next to the Rendezvous Point, and speak with Ajahkeem for a second cutscene. This may not trigger until some level of bond between zero and the amount required for Past Reflections is obtainedVerification Needed.
  • Adventuring Fellow Points are not lost if you restart to get a new Fellow. Any previous purchases (such as extended time on the battlefield) are also be retained; however, you cannot make purchases for certain items (such as Tactics Manuals) until you have reached their respective quest completion requirements.

Items available to purchase with fellow points:[edit]

Items for player Items for fellow Items for fellow (Cont.) Modifying fellow
  • Glamorize equipment 8000
  • Deglamorize equipment 1000
  • Change equipment style 10,000
  • Increase maximum active time
    • 30,000 (First upgrade)
    • 50,000 (Second Upgrade)
    • 70,000 (Third Upgrade)
  • Increase fashion advice limit 60,000

  • Miratete's Memoirs: Instantly grants your fellow 750-1500 experience points.
  • Glamorize equipment: Changes selected armor slot to the next armor type of current line.
  • Deglamorize Equipment: Changes selected armor slot to the previous armor type of current line.
  • Change Equipment style: Changes selected armor slot to a different (selected) line of armor, keeping the current level in the new equipment line.
  • Increase maximum active time: Increases the maximum amount of time your fellow will stay with you by 10 minutes.
    • Three Increase maximum active time upgrades are available.
  • Increase fashion advice limit: Increases the armor lock options to all four slots. Does not alter headgear options.
  • Opaline Dress Set/Argent Attire: Gives your fellow the Body, Legs, and Feet of the Opaline/Argent Set. When this is set, you no longer have the option for "Fashionable Equipment" at Rendezvous Points. To restore previous gear, talk to Ajahkeem, choose "Items for my fellow" > "Equipment Sets" > "Restore Default Gear". This option appears when your fellow bond reaches the maximum levelVerification Needed.
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