A Timeswept Butterfly/Plot Details


Game Script[edit]

A Timeswept Butterfly - La Vaule (S)
Lilisette : Portia!

Portia : Lilisette? Is that you? What are you doing here?
Mayakov : Lilithette! Have you neglected your lethonth to come here? Return at onthe! Your behavior ith unactheptable!
Lilisette : But Master Mayakov!
Lilisette : I was worried for your well-being. This place is dangerous!
Lilisette : They say the Orcs have already occupied a substantial portion of the area. I have a feeling that something awful is going to happen here!
Lilisette : Don't you feel the same, <name>?
Mayakov : Lilithette, we have all come here prethithely becauthe it ith fraught with danger. We are bound to defend our home at any cotht!
Lilisette : No, no! That's not what I mean at all! Here, listen to this adventuere. He knows what will come to pass!
Mayakov : You've brought along a friend with you, I thee.
Mayakov : And may I athk how it ith prethithely that he is thomehow already privy to eventh that have yet to unfold, hm?
Lilisette : Well, it's simple, really... Though perhaps a bit difficult to believe... He has come from......the future.
Portia : Oh Lilisette...
Mayakov : Ahahaha!
Mayakov : Hahahahahaha!!!
Portia : Little Lilisette, dear. You must realize that now isn't the time to be joking.
Lilisette : Why are you laughing!? Stop it right now! I'm serious!
Ragelise : What are you doing here!? The enemy is nearly upon us, you know? This is no place for you to be!
Ragelise : Hm? You...
Ragelise : Never mind, we need all the help we can get for now. All of you, come! You two, as well!
Lilisette : Y-yes, sir!

Ragelise : Knights of the Madder Falcon! How fare you?
Vestillet : Sir Ragelise! What has kept you? You have missed all the excitement. We have only just finished doling out our latest flogging to those accursed Orcs!
Ragelise : It does me well to hear that. Though I must say from the looks of things you seem to have taken your fair share of lashings as well.
Vestillet : Never mind that!
Vestillet : Still, your arrival will do much to set the men at ease.
Ragelise : Leave the rest up to us. We shall see to it from here. You and your men see the defense of the local populace first and foremost.

Dionaste : L-Lilisette? Is that you? Lilisette of the Troupe Mayakov!?
Lilisette : ...
Ragelise : For some reason the Orcs have gone to great lengths in assaulting this location. Thought I can't for the life of me figure out why. It is nothing more than a sleepy little town and the monastery is the only substantial structure.
Ragelise : We must deliver a crippling blow to their ranks and force them to move elsewhere. Otherwise, I fear they will simply continue their relentless siege until nothing is left.
Eusmard : My lord!
Vestillet : Yes? What news from the mark?
Eusmard : It is as we feared, sir.
Vestillet : So their latest attack was a diversion after all...
Ragelise : Away! Away from the houses! Now!
Dixon : Arrrgh!
Gallauciond : How can this be!? The flames... They are everywhere!
Merfanont : Curse it all! How could the fires have erupted everywhere so suddenly!? My lord! We will not be able to extinguish them all in time!
Ragelise : Composure, knight! It is nothing more than the scare tactics of mere pigmen. Abandon the homes. Concentrate all hands on evacuation of the people.
Lilisette : Look! There!
Ragelise : Hm?
Ragelise : So now they show their true selves... The Dark Kindred!
Gallauciond : Then the rumors are ture! The evil from the north has rallied the Orcs and Quadav to its call!
Lilisette : It's that meddling furball! I knew it!

Ragelise : Do not give yourself to despair. Demon or no, if it bleeds, we can kill it. Let them strike no fear in your heart!
Ragelise : Let us show them how the kingdom welcomes its guests!
Ragelise : The enemy comes! Order of the Ironwing Butterfly! See the women and children to safety!
Ragelise : All other units, we will hold the enemy here! This is where we fight!
Hauramus : I regret to inform you, Sir Ragelise. that acting commander Faurezelle of the Ironwing Butterfly is nowhere to be found.
Haudrale : If it please my lord, I shall lead in his stead.
Ragelise : Very well. I place them in your charge.
Ragelise : Wait a moment... You... Your face is not familiar to me. State your name and rank, knight.
Haudrale : Haudrale of the Knights of the Madder Falcon, Sir!
Haudrale : We haven't the manpower to repel the enemy. To the west of here is the entrance to an underground cavern. I shall guide the troupe and townspeople.
Mayakov : Leave matterth here to uth. Go now, all of you!
Portia : Sir Ragelise...
Ragelise : You needn't worry, Portia. Surely you don't think I would allow myself to die surrounded by men!
Portia : Even at a time such as this you tease me so...
Ragelise : <name>!, Lilisette! Portia! Go now, and may the Goddess watch over you!
Portia : And you, my lord. Come back with your shield...

??? : Arrrgh!
Vestillet : Sir Ragelise! Are you alright?
Ragelise : Aye, have you expected to find me any other way? By our hand, the Dark Kindred have pulled back.
Vestillet : That is most excellent news! At last we have our revenge for the Battle of La Theine!

Vestillet : What happened to the others? The dancer girl and her company?
Mayakov : The are ethcorting the townthpeople to thafer ground.
Ragelise : Yes, I granted temporary command of the dancer unit to Sir Haudrale of your Madder Falcons. The departed shortly thereafter.
Vestillet : Haudrale? My lord, there is no knight by that name in the Knights of the Madder Falcon. Perhaps you are mistaken?
Ragelise : By the Goddess...

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