A Sea Dog's Summons

Start NPC Joachim - Port Jeuno (H-8)
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Champions of Abyssea Death and Rebirth


  • This quest is flagged upon completion of Champions of Abyssea. Joachim asks you to travel to the Hall of the Gods between dusk and dawn (18:00-5:00) to meet Gilgamesh. A note for those that didn't go speak to Gilgamesh in La Theine each time you got a Lunar Abyssite: You must first go to the ??? in La Theine and speak to Gilgamesh during night, then speak to Joachim, speak to Joachim again to get the request to go to the Hall of the Gods. Zoning is not required after final quest cutscenes with Joachim; just speak to him right away to flag the next quest.
  • Zone into the Hall of the Gods between 18:00 and 4:59 to initiate the cutscene and complete this quest.
  • The next quest is flagged immediately upon cutscene completion.

Game Description[edit]

Joachim (Port Jeuno)
Joachim bears a message from Gilgamesh, who has need to speak to you once more. This time, make your way to the Hall of the Gods, deep within Ro'Maeve.

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