A Mightier Martello (La Theine)

Start NPC Machine Outfitter - Abyssea - La Theine
Requirements Reputation 3
Items Needed Key ItemFuel reservoir
Key ItemCracked fuel reservoir
Repeatable Yes
Reward Varying amount of Cruor, depending on "performance"
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Refuel and Replenish (La Theine) None


  • On discovering a Martello you must examine it and select the option to upgrade. You will be asked to stand on a specific side of the Martello to upgrade it. After finishing the upgrade process you will be given a Key ItemCracked fuel reservoir, which you must then return to the Machine Outfitter to complete the quest.
    • If for any reason you exit Abyssea - La Theine, you will lose the Key ItemFuel reservoir or the Key ItemCracked fuel reservoir depending on which you have acquired.
    • Cruor reward is based on performance. A response of "the operation was an unqualified success" upon quest completion receives 45 cruor. This can easily be obtained by upgrading from the exact direction it tells you to when you select "Prepare to Upgrade".

Game Description[edit]

Machine Outfitter (Base Camp, Abyssea - La Theine)
Upgrading the fuel capacity of the martellos on the La Theine Plateau will mean less frequent replenishment runs, easing the burden on resistance troops in the area. Install a fuel reservoir in a martello, and return the excess parts to the machine outfitter when the job is done.
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